The impressive landmark of Uluru sits proud in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, where millions of years of history converge to make up one of the world’s most iconic landscapes.

The monolith is one of the country’s most memorable attractions, and it forms an important pitstop on any Uluru and Kings Canyon tour.

As well as a landscape imbued with rich Aboriginal history, there are numerous species of plants and animals that bring the region to life. While most visitors will explore the area on foot or via the comfort of a 4WD, there is a way you can experience the surrounding scenery from a different perspective.

Camel riding is a popular activity in this part of the country thanks to the creature’s excellent ability to adapt to the hot, arid climate of the Red Centre.

Camels were imported into Australia in the 19th century and remained an important part of daily life right up until railway tracks were introduced. Today, they are a fun way to travel around Uluru and the surrounding landscape. And, for anyone who’s keen, there are a series of different experiences you can try, depending on whether you want to combine your ride with the impressive sunrise or experience the scenery at dusk.

This unique way to explore Uluru gives visitors the chance to discover the sheer ancient beauty of the Red Centre and everything it has to offer, including the traditional Kings Canyon Station, where many of the area’s camels can be found.

Taking a Sunrise or a Sunset Camel Tour

Tours take place at the two coolest times of the day – when the sun is rising and when the sun sets. Both experiences give you the chance to witness the red landscape undergo a magical change in colour as the light brings the desert and its landmarks to life.

On the sunrise tour, visitors can tuck into a delicious outback breakfast to fuel the adventure, while the sunset camel tour is topped off with a traditional Australian bush dinner and a refreshing drink underneath the stars.

Aside from these two tours, visitors can also simply stop off and say hello to the camels. There is a special camel train that travels around the farm, providing you with the chance to see these magnificent creatures up close and learn more about their role in the Australian desert.

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