The Grampians National Park sits to the west of Victoria and provides an impressive conclusion to the Great Dividing Range.

Here, visitors can marvel at the stunning collection of peaks and valleys and delve into a landscape that dates back thousands of years. While walking some of the trails in the area, keep your eyes peeled for centuries-old rock art and the collection of pretty waterfalls that characterise the region.

If you’re looking to explore everything the Grampians have to offer, we’ve put together some of the best bushwalks you can take.

  • 1. The Pinnacle

    Perhaps the most popular walk in the Grampians takes you to The Pinnacle. The backdrop for this particular route takes you along the high point on the Wonderland Range, promises breath-taking views out across the surreal rock formations below.

    The walk itself begins at Stony Creek, before heading into Grand Canyon, where you can walk alongside 20-metre high cliffs. Then it’s on to Silent Street, a skinny crevasse that is just wide enough for a person to squeeze through. Once you leave the crevasse, it’s not far to The Pinnacle, and the fenced lookout there provides excellent views over the surrounding Fyans Valley and Halls Gap.

  • 2. Chatauqua Peak and Clematis Falls

    Explore a different part of the Grampians on this pretty walk that starts at the Halls Gap Caravan Park. From there, you climb upwards through a beautiful stringybark forest along Mount Victory Road and pick up the track that begins to the north. Then follow the track around to Bullaces Glen, where you’ll emerge into a charming glade filled with ferns, before climbing onwards to a small waterfall. At the top of the trail, you’ll be greeted by stunning views over Halls Gap and towards the Mount Gar Range.

  • 3. The Balconies

    This is another hugely popular walk in the Grampians National Park. It’s an easy walk and boasts impressive views across the ancient landscape, particularly as the sun begins to set, painting the scenery in a warm glow. Head to Reeds Lookout to gaze out over the southern part of the park before heading east on the track through lush open heathland to Lake Wartook and the Mount Gar Range.

  • 4. The Grampians Peaks Trail

    This easy one-kilometre loop trail is perfect for those who want to get lost in the wild, but aren’t the most experienced trekkers. It only takes an average of 45 minutes, letting you see the ancient trees and iconic rock formations along the way. There is even a picnic area at the start of the path, so you can along with a delicious meal prior to setting off for the adventure! There is even a waterfall along the way, and the ancient tall forestland of Blue Gums and Messmates is also featured here.

The Grampians National Park in Victoria promises plenty of walks regardless of whether you’re looking for a difficult hiking adventure or simply want to take a stroll and see some of the scenery. These three bushwalks are a great place to start.

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