Tasmania may be overlooked by many visitors to Australia, but its unspoilt landscape and picturesque charm will have any traveller falling head over heels in love.

It’s hard to know where to begin when travelling Tasmania, due to the endless amount of attractions and activities. From beaches, rainforests, charming towns, and epic mountains, there is a little of something for everyone. Here are our top picks of places that are well worth the visit.

  • Get a taste of Tasmanian history at Port Arthur

    Step back in time at the historical convict settlement of Tasmania; Port Arthur. Here, visitors can discover the colonial history of the region as they wander around the smooth, grassy fields and ancient buildings. The history of Port Arthur is on the darker side, as many of the 67,000 British and Irish convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land between 1803 – 1853 spent time there. However, it turned into much more than a prison, evolving over the years to become a criminal rehabilitation centre through education and work. A town soon formed, populated by a large community including convicts and free settlers. Spend a day discovering the area’s secrets while manoeuvring through the 30 historic buildings and marvelling at the stunning backdrop of greenery and coast.

  • Get to know the locals at Hobart

    As the capital of Tasmania, Hobart is on every traveller’s itinerary. Hobart is a charming spot teeming with attractions and unforgettable sights. Go off and discover the local wildlife; hike up the mountain, fish on the docks, or simply walk through the bushland. Afterwards, you can relax in the inner town, enjoying the endless array of famous local wines and cheeses, and visiting the many epic galleries that are scattered about.

  • See the wildlife at Bruny Island

    Explore the wilderness of Bruny Island, located off the south-east coast of Tasmania. Embark on a boat cruise to Bruny and see the much-loved sea creatures of the region along the way, including seals and dolphins. Once on the island, travellers can explore Tasmania’s coastal scenery, trekking through the thick bushland and looking out to the ocean horizon. The region is also home to the second oldest lighthouse in Australia and guarantees some epic views worthy of your next Instagram shot.

  • Swim at Wineglass Bay

    See the sapphire waters and sugar-white sand at one of Tasmania’s most picturesque bays, Wineglass Bay. It resembles a magical paradise, with the deep blue waters of the Tasman Sea lapping at the shore while dark green forestland borders its edges. It is nestled within Freycinet National Park, a sublime natural wonder that is home to pink granite mountains, beautiful waters, and some of the most breathtaking views in the entire state. Here, travellers can relax and enjoy a beach day in the sun, or hike up to the mountaintop for a panoramic view of the area.

  • Snap photos at Cradle Mountain

    Huff and puff your way up to the top of Cradle Mountain and be met with arguably one of the best views in all of Tasmania, showcasing the rocky landscape, lush greenery, and sparkling lake encircling the region. Despite this sight being worth the sweat, it is no easy journey, and takes about a day to embark on. In spite of this, Cradle Mountain is an exceptional attraction, with some of the most diverse plant life and fauna around, allowing travellers get away from the crowds and immerse themselves in the natural wonderland of Tasmania.

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