When visiting the oldest rainforest in the world it is especially important that you are dressed appropriately to ensure comfort, safety, and protection.

The climate in the Daintree Rainforest is tropical and humid, so we recommend that you wear breathable clothes to keep cool. However, cover up where possible to protect yourself from bug bites and the harsh far-north Queensland sun. You should definitely wear comfortable walking shoes to trek through the forest, a hat and sunglasses, and a jacket for the evening as it can get quite cold when the sun sets!

  • Bring a change of clothes with you

    The rainforest is an extremely unpredictable place, often with its own weather that can change in the blink of an eye. It often rains in the Daintree for a short period and then clears up again almost instantly, and it’s easy to get trapped in these storms. Due to the humidity, it is almost impossible to dry off, so it is easier to just bring a change of clothes. Again, due to the humidity, you will most likely sweat more than usual in this tropical heat.

  • Wear enclosed shoes

    You will never know what may be crawling, slithering, or jumping along the forest floor, so it is vital that you wear enclosed shoes that may save you from the bite of something you wish you did not come close to. As the Daintree is quite remote, the nearest hospital or medical service will most likely not be reachable for hours, and it takes one mistake to slice open your foot on a sharp branch on the forest floor. We suggest wearing trainers or hiking boots.

  • Other essentials to take with you

    The sun is shining, and the rays are powerful. To protect your eyes and face wear a broadbrimmed hat and sunglasses. Take a day pack with you with a good supply of water, SPF 50 sunscreen, a change of clothes, snacks, any vital medications, and of course a camera and your phone. There is no service in the majority of the Daintree Rainforest as it is so remote, so never travel alone and always keep an eye out for potential dangers.

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