Hunter Valley is primarily known for its winemaking, but one of its hidden gems is its local Chocolate Factory!

Offering stacks of chocolate goodies, you can enjoy treating your tastebuds on your holiday getaway at this sweet stop!

About Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company creates an enchanting menu of chocolate treats guaranteed to satisfy all visitors. The kitchen in the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company is always bustling with excitement, with the renowned chocolate masters creating the treats which are served up warm for guests visiting in the day! The company was established about two decades ago and has grown in its chocolate quality and quantity. The chocolatiers and fudge-makers can be seen through the windows and glass doors of the shop, so guests can peer in to discover the secrets of chocolate making, before browsing the shelves of treats.

Sample the Chocolate

One of the biggest appeals to visiting the Chocolate Company is the chocolate tasting provided for all visitors. Depending on the masters making a schedule, visitors can enjoy a range of just made chocolate treats, served up in big bowls for all to enjoy. Many can sample these flavours and pick their favourite, before grabbing a pre-made bag of them to take home for your family and friends!

Enjoy the Café

After you’ve had a stroll through the chocolate factory and filled your bag up with goodies, why not stop into the attached café! Featuring large windows that show off the nearby soaring hills, picturesque wineries, and lush greenery surrounding the shop, visitors can sit at the window seats to enjoy a meal with a view! Sip on a freshly brewed coffee or light tea, while enjoying the chocolate-themed snacks such as croissants, cakes, and more!

Hunter Valley’s Best Chocolate Choices

Dark Chocolate

Although the kids will opt for the milk chocolate goodies on offer, parents should choose some of the chic dark chocolate choices. Hunter Valley excels in this area, using classic Belgium styled chocolate recipe to make this rich and dark chocolate choice. The rich and bitter taste goes perfectly with the pair food that blends into these blocks, from orange to blueberry and even caramel!

White Chocolate

White chocolate has a bad rep in some books, but the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company serves up white chocolate like no other. From white chocolate blocks blended with raspberries or serving hot chocolate in white, there is a range of choices to try!

Unusual Chocolate

After you’ve tried all the regular chocolate choices on the menu, why not branch out and try out some of the more unusual chocolate flavours! From spicy chilli chocolate to watermelon fudge, the range of flavours is so unusual you may never have even thought of them before seeing them right on the shelf!

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