The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Victoria and it attracts people from all over the world to marvel at its beauty.

The Great Ocean Road itself is actually quite long and passes through many towns along the southern coast of Victoria, therefore there are several attractions that you cannot miss out on seeing when you are travelling the Great Ocean Road. We have created a list of the absolute must-sees when travelling the Great Ocean Road.

  • 1. The Twelve Apostles

    The Twelve Apostles are the most famous attraction on the Great Ocean Road, and it is not hard to see why once you have marvelled at their beauty. At over 20 million years old, these limestone rock formations have been created over millions of years of being exposed to the elements. There are several viewing points to see the Apostles as they jut out from the Southern Ocean. Despite the name, only seven of the 12 Apostles remain standing.

  • 2. Loch Ard Gorge

    Loch Ard Gorge is one of the most unique attractions along the Great Ocean Road and has a fascinating history behind it. Loch Ard Gorge is just a short three-minute drive from the famous 12 Apostles and is situated in the gorgeous Port Campbell National Park. This area is famous for being the site of a famous shipwreck that happened in 1878, where only two people survived. Now it’s also well known for the gorgeous beach and rock formations which you can explore.

  • 3. The Grotto

    The Grotto is one of the lesser-known attractions along the Great Ocean Road. However, it is one that you simply cannot miss out on seeing. This geological formation is a sinkhole in the limestone cliffs of the coast that is a sight to be seen. Grottos are a well-known land formation that occurs all around the world. There are caves and rock pools full of unique marine life which you can also see if you are lucky.

  • 4. Apollo Bay

    Apollo Bay is a coastal town located around 3 hours from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. This gorgeous place is home to a beautiful beach, delicious local produce, and the Otway Rainforest. Apollo Bay is one of the main towns along the Great Ocean Road and is full of lovely accommodation, friendly locals, and plenty of entertaining things to see and do.

  • 5. Kennett River

    Kennett River is another quaint town that is located along the Great Ocean Road. Its most well-known attraction is its large population of wild koalas that live in the gum trees near the Kennett River Caravan Park. Visitors journey here every day to admire these adorable creatures, as well as feed the native birds which are known to frequent the area.

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