Planning a trip out to the outback? If so, you are most likely going to encounter a swag. But what actually is a swag?

What is it?

A swag is a traditional Australian canvas bad roll with a mattress inside. Basically, it is a large sleeping bag with a built-in mattress. Essentially looking like a small one person tent, these swags zip up the entire way, covering your whole body including your head. Perfect for every season, being waterproof from rain, warm for winter, and bug proof for the hotter months.

Why use it?

The swag is the most common way of camping in the Australian outback and is the best way to immerse yourself in its picturesque backdrop. The majority of our outback tours offer swags for accommodation, including Uluru, Kakadu and Kimberley Tours. Set up your swag for the night, a much easier job done compared to a full-size tent, and get ready for a comfy sleep. The most used size in tours are the single size swags, making each member have their own private space. Sleep under the stars and enjoy becoming a part of the natural landscape. Be at one with the incredible surroundings, and to soak up the timeless scenery is like nowhere else in the world.

Tips for using a swag

Before you unwind with an open-air barbecue and marvel at the way the land changes colour as the sun begins to set, make sure you know a few key tips for your swag. You must bring your own sleeping bag to tuck into the swag, as especially in colder months, you can get a bit chilly at night. When in a group, the swags are positioned around the campfire; we suggest taking a spot way from the fire. Although it may seem like a good idea, parking closer to the fire will risk the chance of spark blows on your swag, which can catch alight. Make sure to zip up or roll up the swag once you are up and about. Outback animals may crawl in without you realising which may give you a shock when you get to bed! And lastly, rolled up swags can also opt as a camping seat for around the campfire (just in case!)

Australian camping tours are scattered throughout the country but are most popular within Kakadu National Park as well as Uluru and Surrounds. Journey to these incredible areas and join our camping tours offering the fabulous swag experience!

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