The Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s most incredible natural landscapes, a vibrant tropical wonderland over 180 million years in the making.

Daintree National Park, Queensland

The Daintree is one of the world’s oldest ecosystems, even older than the Amazon itself, and it boasts thousands of animal and bird species who call the forest home!

The Daintree Rainforest can be visited at any time of the year, but there are different times of the year that are more suitable for different people.

The peak tourist season is from May to September, during the “dry” months of the year. In these months, the weather is cooler and the rainfall is low. However, the fine weather is a draw for crowds, eager to enjoy the wonders of the Daintree without the risk of being weighed down by the heat or bogged down by the rain!

This leads us to the “wet” season: this is the time of the year when temperatures rise and downpours are common. For people who aren’t afraid of the elements, this is the perfect time of the year, as you will get to experience the forest at its most green and lush but without the large crowds!

So, the time of the year you visit the Daintree depends on whether you want cool, dry weather with more crowds, or you are happy to see the forest at its most lush, without crowds but with a bit of heat and rain.

Either way, the Daintree promises to be an unforgettable experience – let’s take a look at why.

  • Check out crocs from the comfort of a river cruise

    Okay, nobody wants to get too close to those prehistoric beasts that call the Daintree home, but you can get an awesome, up close view of them from the comfort and safety of a Daintree river cruise. Not only will you spot the legendary salties (saltwater crocodiles), but you will be educated about the plethora of species that inhabit the forest!

  • Stroll a gorgeous tropical beach

    One of the things that makes the Daintree such a beautiful place to visit is Cape Tribulation, well renowned as one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. Take your time to have a stroll along the stunning tropical beach or take a well-earned dip after hiking through the forest.

  • Learn about Indigenous history at the Mossman Gorge

    The Mossman Gorge is an important place in local Indigenous heritage, and it is also a magical part of the forest, with turquoise waters rolling smoothly below granite boulders to create a wonderfully surreal place. Here, you can learn about the local Indigenous history from the Kuku Yalanji people, who have been living in the region for an amazing 50,000 years!

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