Go searching for the coastline’s greatest natives!

Whether it’s been in the velvet rainforest, the jagged clifftops, or amidst the sandy shoreline, the Great Ocean Road is bursting with wildlife. Unique creatures roam both the land and sea, giving visitors so many opportunities to see Australia’s beloved animals in their natural habitats. The most popular animals’ folk usually seek out are the popular kangaroos and cuddly koalas, but what else has this region have to offer?

  • Echidnas at Port Campbell National Park

    It is one of the oddest creatures in Australia, both in looks and habits. A small round creature completely covered in small spines, with a slender snout that has a 6-inch tongue that darts out rapidly. They are one of the only members of the monotremes family, which means they are a rare type of mammal that lays eggs. They are typically quite shy creatures but frequent the sandy coastal heaths of the Great Ocean Road. Simply trek through the bushland quietly for a chance to see these incredible creatures shuffling along the bush floor.

  • Fur seals in the Shores

    Head to the glorious waters of the Great Ocean Road and dive headfirst into the crashing waves. The region’s beaches are one of the most popular attractions within, bringing surfers, families, and sunbakers to its sandy shores. However, another great feature the salty sea has to offer is the marine life, most particularly the seals! These friendly creatures are scattered about the shallow shores, hunting fish or sunbaking on the large rocks nearby.

  • Little Penguins at the Twelve Apostles

    Most will admit Phillip Island is the leading home to the famous Little Penguins, but the Great Ocean Road can offer you a tiny gander of the creature! Head to Twelve Apostles at dusk and enjoy a double delight, where you get a chance to see the incredible rock formation and perhaps a sighting of these penguins waddling up the beach. These creatures spend the majority of their day in the outer ocean, hunting for fish after fish, before heading back to their land nests usually dotted nearby to the beach.

  • Glow Worms at Melba Gully

    This creature is by far the most magical! Only to be seen during the night, folk can wander through the lush rainforest of Melba Gully and see the trees and bushes illuminate with glowing lights much like fairy lights. These individual lights are not bulbs but in fact, the tiny larvae of a certain fly found in the area. To attract food while in their larval form, the creatures have created a chemical reaction in their body to produce a natural light, entrancing both their prey and the travellers that visit them!  The tiny creatures live alongside the walking trails so it’s easy to spot them during your night-time walk!

  • Humpback Whales in Migrating Season

    Between the month of June and October, the Great Ocean Road becomes the perfect lookout point for whale spotting. The magnificent southern right whales and blue whales make their annual migration to Victoria‘s coastal waters during this time, travelling to the region to nurse their young calves. Whales can be seen either from 100 metres from the shore, with the best spot being at the viewing platform at Logan’s Beach.

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