Take a step into the greenery, pushing past some dangling shrubberies, and immerse yourself into one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on the planet.

Imagine a world away from the sounds of traffic, replaced instead by hundreds of different bird calls, frog croaks, and rustling bushes. Daintree Rainforest is home to some of Australia’s rarest wildlife, with some animals found nowhere else in the world. Keep your eyes peeled as you travel through the lush forestland and take a closer look at some of the unique animals you may see on your travels.

  • Cassowary

    This large bird hails from the era of the dinosaurs, being a giant prehistoric turkey-like-bird. It is the third largest bird in the entire world and is seen as one of the most dangerous. Their body shapes are similar to an emu, with their large black-feather body and a long neck. Beautifully bright colours splash along their neck, with striking blues with touches of red. The most interesting part of their appearance is their protruding horn like casque. Without these cassowaries, the rainforests may not be able to survive, as the birds are a living breathing fertiliser. They swallow seeds whole, travel long distances across the region, and excrete the seeds to grow throughout the land.

  • Tree Kangaroos

    Look up to the treetops to see the adorable tree kangaroo hanging from above. A cross between a possum and a kangaroo, these creatures are a much-loved animal. There are quite a few different types, with the Bennett’s and Lumholtz tree kangaroos found within this rainforest. You can see them both day or night, as they are cathemeral animals, which basically means they are active for short periods of time, napping whenever they get tired.

  • Boyd’s Forest Dragon

    Don’t be confused by the name, Boyd’s forest dragon is not, in fact, a fire-breathing dragon you may be imagining, but merely a lizard. But don’t sadden by this as this lizard is just as cool. They mainly hang out along the trunks of trees, with many people walking past without even noticing them. This is due to their superb skill in camouflage, blending into the bark and standing like a statue as they wait for unsuspecting prey.

  • Ulysses Butterfly

    This iconic butterfly is the biggest butterfly in Australia, making it that much easier to spot. Known for its brilliantly blue wing colour, the insect is so pretty it is used as a symbol for tourism in Northern Queensland. Spot these creatures flying around the rainforest lookouts as they enjoy the open spaces.

  • Giant Tree Frog

    Another iconic symbol for Australian tropics is the white-lipped tree frog. Its signature green colour is lined with the yellow-white lines that run along its lip and legs. It is the largest tree frog in the world, and it quite an unforgettable sight to see up close and personal.

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Cameron Ward
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