When you imagine the famous Great Ocean Road, you most likely think about pristine beaches and lush bushland.

Unfortunately, due to today’s wastage, waste is everywhere. With now more than 130 000 tonnes of plastic stretching across the road’s coast. Due to this, the wildlife is being affected, with many animals dying out after consuming the plastic waste, thinking is was a tasty treat. Our home is slowly fading, but luckily there is a way to help. Sightseeing Tours Australia’s Great Ocean Road Tour is teaming up with Trash Bags on Tour. Raising awareness on plastic pollution in our oceans and shorelines.

The Tour itself

Great Ocean Road’s Trash Bags on Tour starts off in Melbourne, stopping off along the way to some of the best stops en route, passing breath-taking ocean views and lush rainforests. You’ll have the chance to learn about the natural history of the region, as you visit the pristine beaches and charming towns. All the attractions on the Great Ocean Road are superb, but there are a few that are essential when travelling there. Your first stop will be the Memorial Arch, the monument that honours those who sacrificed themselves in World War I. Towns to stop off in include Airey’s Inlet and Apollo Bay, both filled with delicious lunch spots and charming locals. Spectacular wildlife sprinkle the coast, including popular animals such as the famous Koala. Sightseeing Tours Australia will offer you a chance to see these creatures up close and personal at Kennett River. As well, by far the most popular stop along the way is the 12 Apostles. The iconic spot is famous for it’s collection of limestone rock formations that form within the sea. These rock formations are estimated to be at least 60 000 years old, withstanding the test of time.

The Trash Bags on Tour

Trash Bags on Tour is a not for profit enterprise that aims to educate and raise awareness of the impact our reliance on single use plastic is having on the environment. The company will incorporate educational talks and beach cleans at natural destinations to highlight what we can all do minimise waste and take care of our natural environment.

The beach clean will be held at Memorial Arch in the morning. Once the hard work is done, you can enjoy the rest of the day guilt free, stopping off at the many iconic attractions the tour offers. A Zero Waste Talk from Madeline from Greenspectrum will also take place after you tuck into some delicious lunch. The tour price is only $50, from a usual $105 cost. The price covers your lunch at the Rogue Wave Brewery and a $25 donation to Tangaroa Blue Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris. These two incredible companies have come together to make helping the environment a little bit easier. So why not grab a ticket and make a difference to the beautiful beaches that make the Great Ocean Road drive famous.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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