See the stunning hues of the setting sun at these top spots along the coast

Travelling along the Great Ocean Road at any time of day is picture-perfect, but the region becomes truly magical during when the sun sets. The slow glow of light illuminates the region, reflecting against the jagged clifftops, sparkling beaches, and lush bushland. If you aren’t sure where to park yourself at for a picturesque view, follow our guide for the best sunset spots on the Great Ocean Road!

  • Twelve Apostles

    Regarded as one of the most well-known highlights of the Great Ocean Road, the Twelve Apostles is our number one sunset location. Nestled in the Port Campbell National Park, the massive 45-metre limestone structures sit in the shallow shores of the coast, giving travellers an awe-inspiring view of the ocean and the jagged stacks. The rocks are even more mesmerising in this time of day, as the orange light illuminates the limestone so as if they are glowing.

  • Loch Ard Gorge

    If the Twelve Apostles are too crowded, head a couple of minutes down the road to the next best thing- the Loch Ard Gorge. The region was named after the ship that ran aground, with only two survivors washing up to shore in the gorge. The sunset lights up the gorge’s surrounding walls and soft sands, making it a completely romantic setting to see the sun disappear for another day.

  • Apollo Bay Beach

    The Great Ocean Road is renowned for its beaches, with surf spots, swimming holes, and sunbaking sand strips aplenty. Simply setting up along one of these picturesque beaches is a fantastic way to see the setting sun, giving you front-row views of the ocean sundown. Apollo Bay’s beach stretches out 3 kilometres, protected from rough currents and winds by the Point Bunbury and the Apollo Bay Boat Harbour seawalls. Enjoy watching the sunset from the water, surfing the waves or simply floating in the deep waters. Otherwise, you can bring a picnic rug and enjoy a couple of nibbles and drinks to enjoy in the smooth sand! Many even opt to bring a scorching hot bag of fish and chips from the local tuck shop, but be warned if you do so you’ll be joined by a herd of seagulls that try to snag a couple chips off you!

  • Lorne Rooftop

    If you’re after a swankier sunset experience, head to Lorne’s Rooftop which presents a perfect blend of ocean views and lively atmosphere. Sip on your choice of drink as you graze a range of delicious entrees and main foods which complement the salty air and relaxing ambience perfectly. Book early in the day to snag the best seat on the rooftop, guaranteeing you an excellent view of the setting horizon.

  • Cape Otway Light Station

    This lighthouse is a staple attraction along the Great Ocean Road, nestled on the towering sea cliffs overlooking the rough ocean waters. It is the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia, giving visitors both an interesting history lesson as well as the perfect sunset spot. Climb up the winding stairs of the lighthouse and reach the 360 deck which offers views of the surrounding bushland, towns, and sea. Seeing how the landscape transforms in colour with the sunset’s stunning glow.

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