Enjoy the crisp air and chilly nights at one of Victoria’s greatest tourist destinations!

The Great Ocean Road is typically imagined peak summertime, with endless sunny days and perfect beach weather. But wintertime brings a new range of attractions to this tourist destination. Making the chilly air well worth it for the endless list of winter activities. So, head to the Great Ocean Road once temperatures drop and enjoy our list of exceptional wintertime experiences.

  • Trek through the Rainforest

    The Great Otway National Park is an extraordinary attraction any time of year, but wintertime brings a tranquil peace to the region. Head inland towards some of the most lush and green scenery and immerse yourself in the quiet rainforest scenery. Trek along the many walking paths and be met with a chorus of bird calls and towering trees and ferns. The abundance of rain makes all the waterfalls of the area thunder in sound, giving you a marvellous view of the cascading water.

  • Cosy up to a fire

    What better way to warm up from the winter cold than by a cosy firelit coastal home? Snuggle up with a soft blanket, the blazing fire, and a glass of delicious local wine. Enjoying a cosy night with your partner or posse as you nibble on a platter of delicious cheeses, dips, and breads! Even get takeaway from one of the many award-winning restaurants, or head there in person as most of the venues are a pro at offering a cosy fire-lit atmosphere for its visitors!

  • Go Whale-spotting on the coastline

    This is by far one of the biggest appeals for visiting the Great Ocean Road during the coldest months, as whale watching is only available from June to August. See the humpback whales migrating to and from Antarctica to Australia’ warmer waters, with the shores of the Great Ocean Road a permanent route. Either head to the whale watching lookout points on the coast’s clifftops or even head out via boat to get a closer view of these marvellous whales.

  • Surf before sunrise

    There is a multitude of surf beaches along the Great Ocean Road, as the region is known as the Surf Capital of Australia. Surfing is a common activity during the summertime, but many choose to opt-out during the colder months. However, it can be even a better experience during this time, with the crowds fading to leave you the entire beach to surf yourself. Our only advice? Pack or rent a wetsuit, as the temperatures of the water are ice cold with even locals needing a wetsuit to survive. Get up at the crack of dawn and enjoy the stunning display of the sunrise as you slowly swim through the water. From eager pros to those just starting, this is truly a worthwhile winter adventure!

  • Stargaze while Camping

    Camping in the summer at the Great Ocean Road can be quite squishy, with everyone getting the idea of camping near the coast for a stunning summertime adventure. Camping in winter is a lot nicer, as you are guaranteed a lot more privacy and space in between each campsites. The nights are a lot chiller, but bonfires warm up the camping atmospheres, and can be the perfect combo with a night of stargazing!

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