Now it is getting colder in Australia’s Victoria state, Mount Buller is starting to come alive!

It is the most popular snow resort in Australia, a stunning mountain region with a thick blanket of snow during the winter months. Many travellers and locals head up to the mountains to ski, snowboard, and enjoy the ice-cold atmosphere. Not sure what to do while there? Take a look at our list of the best activities available in Mount Buller!

  • Skiing and Snowboarding

    It is the most obvious and popular activity in this snow wonderland! As the entire resort is based around the ski and snowboarding routes. There is an endless variety of choice, with beginner slopes, medium effort paths, or heart wrenching routes only suggested to pros. Any visitor is welcome to try the slopes, with lessons and guides available for those interested in either learning the basics, or simply needing a refresher! This acitivity is also one of the best ways to actually see the entire mountaintops, with majority of the region available to only skiiers or snowboarders!

  • Walking

    If you aren’t a fan of fast speeds and the occasional fall, you don’t have to miss out on Mount Buller completely! Many visitors simply come to the resort for the long hikes in the thick crunchy snow, seeing the white covered trees and the stunning lookout points in their snow boots!

  • Go on a Tour

    If you aren’t one to drive yourself up, you can instead hop on one of the many tours heading from Melbourne to Mount Buller for the day. The tours start in the early am’s, so as to give you as much time up in the snow as possible. The tour helps you with hiring snow gear, telling you where the best spots to go, and even organising lunch and dinner for you! You can even choose an upgrade where you can stay the night, simply getting on the bus the next day with the new tour group!

  • Relax at the Cabins

    After enjoying a cold day sweating up a storm in your snowsuit, ease your muscles and bruises in the cozy warm rooms of the Mount Buller cabins. Here you can grab takeaway from the many restaurants nearby and sip on a delicious glass of red or whiskey that suits the fireplace and soft couches perfectly! Some cabins even come with large hot tubs or bath spas, so you can pamper yourself in the hot jets for a truly relaxing night indoors!

  • Enjoy a Night Out

    Mount Buller doesn’t go quiet after the sunset, with an endless number of restaurants and bars open well into the night! Fine dine at one of the many stylish restaurants for a truly delicious dinner, or simply head to a cosy and relaxed dinner spot, no matter what your taste is, Mount Buller has you covered. Afterwards you can head to the bustling bars, with some even letting you drink in the snow (with your snow gear on ofcourse!).

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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