Nestled right at the point where the lush tropical zone meets the harsh red outback, Katherine is a truly unique landscape to see.

Home to stunning water spots, deep gorges, and ancient culture, there is a little something for everyone who visits this region, letting guests immerse themselves in the many highlights of the Northern Territory.

About Katherine

Katherine, perched on the pretty banks of the Katherine River, is quite a large town with around 8,000 people populating the area. Katherine is around about 320 kilometres south of Darwin and is known as the gateway into the wilderness that is the Northern Territory.

Filled with vibrant plant species, an eclectic selection of native Australian wildlife, and a beautiful collection of natural scenery, the park is perfect for outdoor lovers.

Katherine Gorge

The region’s Nitmiluk National Park is jam-packed with extraordinary sights, home to unique wildlife, natural wonders, and fantastic tourist activities. Hop on the daily cruises available and enjoy either a tranquil canoe trip or a stunning bush walk around the region. Even hop on a helicopter for a truly unforgettable journey through the land, seeing the sheer size of the Katherine Gorge and Nitmiluk National Park as you fly over the greenery.

Edith Falls

The Edith Falls is also found in the wilderness that is Nitmiluk National Park, located 66 kilometres north of Katherine, which takes only about 45 minutes to drive to. The water flows year-round in this spring, making for a perfect swimming spot in the bushland. Many opt to do a long bushwalk around the region before ending their venture in these refreshing waters. There are even a couple of picnic areas nearby for a fantastic lunch spot, and a few camping areas for those wanting to immerse themselves in the landscape longer than a day!

Top Didj Cultural Experience

Dive deep into the region’s fascinating history and culture by getting a hands-on cultural experience known as the Northern Territory’s Top Didj Cultural Experience. The experience is held at the Top Didj and Art Gallery, nestled 7 kilometres from Katherine, sitting right on Gorge Road. Here, visitors can learn about the traditional owners of the land and their history and culture from Manual Pamkal. Try participating in traditional experiences such as dot painting or throw a boomerang, even learning how to make fire with two sticks and spear with a woomera. It’s a fantastic experience for the whole family that will allow you to appreciate and understand the landscape’s long history and cultural importance!

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