Uncover ten fascinating facts before your trip to the iconic Blue Mountains. 

You may be planning a trip to the famous Blue Mountains during your visit to Sydney. Or perhaps you’re just fascinated by a list of fun facts.

Here is a list of ten of the most mind-blowing facts about the Blue Mountains.

  1. Millions of people visit the Blue Mountains every year

You could probably guess that plenty of people visit the Blue Mountains each year. But do you know how many? There are around three million people who visit this iconic site every year. That’s a lot of visitors!

  1. The Blue Mountains are older than the Grand Canyon.

You read that correctly! The Blue Mountains are actually around ten times older, making them over 450 million years old.

  1. The mountains are home to the world’s steepest passenger railway

Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains is Scenic World. This is where visitors can view the mountains from above and below on a skyway, cableway, and a railway. If you’re an adrenaline junkie you won’t want to miss out on the railway ride!

  1. There is a reason that the Blue Mountains look blue

The main species of trees in the Blue Mountains are the eucalyptus trees. When the sun warms up the trees, the leaves emit eucalyptus oil. This oil has a blue hue, which is what gives the Blue Mountains a blue hazy colour.

  1. The mountains are home to Australia’s largest cave system

Hiding in the depths of the Blue Mountains are the Jenolan Caves. This is one of the oldest cave systems in the world and it’s the largest in Australia. 

  1. The Blue Mountains are huge

 Maybe we should have said that the Blue Mountains are massive. In fact, they spread a whopping quarter of a million hectares of land.

  1. There are lots of walking tracks located in the mountains

You won’t be short of hiking options when visiting the Blue Mountains. There are over 140 kilometres of tracks and trails for hiking. Each trail leads hikers past incredible scenery and to picturesque lookout points.

  1. There are more towns located in the Blue Mountains than you may think

27 towns are located in the Blue Mountains. Some of the more well-known towns include Leura and Wentworth Falls.

  1. The Blue Mountains are very biodiverse

Because the Blue Mountains are so large, they provide a great home for a diverse range of plants and animals. There are over 130 different plant and animal species that are endangered and living in the Blue Mountains. Other well-known critters include koalas, kangaroos and cockatoos.

  1. The mountains are fantastic to visit year-round

Many travellers visit the mountains during the summer, but the other seasons are just as great. During the fall you can watch as the leaves slowly begin to take on autumnal colours. In the winter, you can bundle up and enjoy the cool, fresh mountain breeze. Regardless of the time of year, the Blue Mountains are always a great place to visit.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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