As Australia’s sports capital, Melbourne has countless sporting events in-store for you, regardless of your taste!

Whether you’re crazy about sport or have no idea what we’re talking about, a trip to one of Melbourne‘s great sports shows can be an unforgettable experience. The city’s sports culture remains unrivalled, dubbed the ‘Best Sports Tourism Destination of The Year’. If you’re not sure where to start, follow our guide and get your partner or posse together to pick your favourite events and teams.

  • Boxing Day Test

    A whopping 100,000 cricket fans head to Melbourne Cricket Ground post-Christmas for the annual Boxing Day Test to see the Australian national team take on an opposing national team in the sweltering summer heat. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, you can pick up the basics pretty easily, and the lively atmospheres is sure to get you in the sporting spirit.

  • Australian Open Tennis

    Australia isn’t the only place obsessed with this sport, with tennis being one of the world’s most played and watched sports of all time. Melbourne celebrates their love for tennis every year with one of the biggest Grand Slams. The Australian Open Tennis tournament is the very first major tournament of the year and creates an electrifying start to the Melbourne sporting calendar. Grab a ticket and enjoy seeing some of the world’s greatest tennis stars battle it out on court at the famous Rod Laver Arena.

  • Formula One

    Formula One is the highest and most premium single-seater racing entity in the entire world. Competitions are held all around the world, with one of the biggest and most important being Melbourne’s Grand Prix. Swarms of over 150,000 people come to this event, heading to Albert Park street circuit for a day of races, delicious food, and stylish atmosphere.

  • Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

    It might not be smack bang in the middle of Melbourne’s centre, but it acts as a great excuse to see the nearby Great Ocean Road. The Rip Curl Pro is the longest-running event in competitive surfing, annually held at the stunning Bells Beach. Head down to the beaches soft sands and see the world’s best male and female surfers hit the waves!

  • AFL

    This sport is beloved by millions, but if you aren’t an Australian, AFL is most likely foreign to you. The AFL, short for the Australian Football League, is an exciting sport unique to the country. It is a fast-paced contact sport with features similar to both rugby and soccer. In Melbourne, Australian football is by far the most popular sport, with the 18 rounds of football played each year listed as the largest sporting event in the city. Join in on the fun at Melbourne Cricket Ground and enjoy a pot of beer and a delicious meat pie alongside the friendly locals.

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