They are both fearful and fascinating creatures, with the Saltwater Crocodiles known for being the largest living reptile on earth.

They are found throughout Australia’s northern region, and Cairns is no exception.

About the Crocodiles

They are the king of all the world’s crocodiles, biggest and most ferrous, they have remained at the top of the food chain for millions of years. First appearing next to the dinosaurs, these crocodiles survived their prehistoric past and went on to last 65 million years until the present day. In this time, barely any of their structure has altered, with their strong jaws, camouflaging abilities, and massive tail making for the perfect body.

Why they are so Dangerous

Saltwater Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, harming a range of creatures such as small birds to kangaroos, to even humans. They are huge creatures, able to reach up to seven metres in length and weighing over 1,000 kilograms. Their strong tails able them to sail through the waters at top speed. Using their brown and green scales to blend into the murky water they typically roam in, slowly creeping up onto their prey until they attack rapidity. Their strength in their jaw is legendary, able to bite down on their prey and do the ‘death roll’ shaking their victim until they have been split apart.

Where you can see them

Although Saltwater Crocs can be found in south-east Asia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the most stable population is found in Australia. As the large groups are found in the murky waters of north Queensland, across the Northern Territory and into Western Australia. Within Queensland’s, majority of the murky waters have these crocodiles roaming nearby, with even a couple beaches and shallow seawater known to house them. Therefore, when visiting, you must make sure you are aware of the signs and directions are given by the local government. One of the only safe ways to see these creatures is via a professional crocodile spotting cruise. Head to the nearby Daintree River and join in on this memorable adventure.

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