Australia is teeming with fantastic wineries, all offering delightful drops! Find out about the best wine regions that are well worth your visit!

Australia Wine Region

With around 65 wine regions across the country, it’s no wonder Australia is recognised as one of the new world’s leading winemaking countries. From traditional wineries to modern winemakers embracing new styles and blends, there is no shortage of wine no matter where you are in the Land of Oz. If sipping some of Australia’s best wine in situ sounds like your ideal holiday, here is our list of top picks for the country’s best wine regions for you to explore.

  • Hunter Valley, New South Wales

    Venture out of the bustling city of Sydney and take the scenic drive to Hunter Valley. The area is perfect for a weekend getaway, featuring lush greenery, epic foodie spots, and of course, several world-famous wineries. It is known as the country’s oldest wine region, starting back in the 1820s when winemakers brought 500 different vine cuttings from Europe. Some of the area’s original wine producers are still using the traditional methods today. Another great bonus is that many of these wineries have 5-star restaurants attached, allowing visitors to enjoy either lunch or dinner while trying the variety of wine on offer. Worthwhile wineries include the famous Tempus Two, Bimbadgen, Tyrrell’s, and Audrey Wilkinson Winery.

  • Barossa Valley, South Australia

    The Barossa Valley combines world-class wine with delicious local produce in one unforgettable package! The valley was covered in lush grassy fields, established thousands of years ago by the ancient indigenous people who regularly used fire to help regenerate the vegetation, leaving behind a perfect vineyard valley with rich soil. Newly arrived Europeans, who were already experts in the ways of wine, saw Barossa’s potential immediately and transported some of the oldest vines into the valley. Nowadays these vineyards have flourished, with the sixth generation of grapes being produced into white, red, and rosé.

  • Yarra Valley, Victoria

    Only a stone’s throw from the city of Melbourne, Yarra Valley offers visitors an amazing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The valley is home to over 70 wineries, making it the perfect place to unwind and recharge while sampling a delightful range of fine wines. DeBortoli, Chandon, Fergusson, and Yering Station are some of the finest wineries in the area, while fans of the hop are catered for too with local breweries offering inspired beers and ciders.

  • Margaret River, Western Australia

    For travellers to Western Australia, Margaret River in the region’s south west is a must-visit destination for oenophiles. With over 215 boutique wineries, the entire region is now producing twenty percent of Australia’s wine. This is quite an achievement since the relatively young vineyards have only been successfully producing wine for the last 50 years. Located on the coast south of Perth, Margaret River is also home to some well known surf breaks providing travellers with a picture-perfect vacation featuring plenty of sun, sea, and Sauvignon Blanc.

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Cameron Ward
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