See all of what Kangaroo Island has to offer in one jam-packed day!

The short answer is yes! Kangaroo Island is a natural wonderland, with coastline attractions, natural rock formations, and an abundance of wildlife. For a lot of people, it only takes a day to visit this exceptional island, spending the morning through to the night in the lush bushland and beachfront. But how long does it really take you to see all of what Kangaroo Island has to offer?

How to plan your day

The main strategy when fitting every attraction into one day is planning. Sorting out exactly what you’ll be doing from morning until night, with all your attractions can help you make the most of out your journey.

But if you need some help organising and planning a day, we’ve compiled a quick itinerary that you can follow to see what Kangaroo Island has to offer. Or you can always book a tour and enjoy the luxury of being driven everywhere by a tour guide.

• An early start
Getting up the earlier the better can give you a lot more time adventuring around Kangaroo Island. The 45-minute ferry departs from early morning onwards from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw. During peak times, the ferry can leave as early as 6 AM.

Getting there early can mean you beat the crowds forming and you have some one on one time with the island.

• The morning adventure with sea lions
Once your feet are on dry land, you can head to the land of Australian sea lions, known as Seal Bay! Here, over 500 wild sea lions call this coastal beachfront home. Letting visitors watch them bask in the sun and frolic in the shallow shores.

There is a small fee to pay to walk along the beach with the sea lions, and we totally think it’s worth it to get up and close with the playful creatures!

Seal Bay

• What’s for lunch?
To refuel for the day, head to Vivonne Bay Bistro, which offers both exceptional food and views. The bistro is set against a charming country backdrop, providing you with the perfect lookout to see local animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and echidnas in their natural habitat.

After lunch, you will want to make your way to one of Australia’s best beaches, Vivonne Bay. Make sure you have some bathers because you will want to go for a swim when you see just how gorgeous this beach is.

• Afternoon activities in Flinders Chase National Park
Next up on your Kangaroo Island adventure, head along the coastal road for half an hour to reach the extraordinary region of Flinders Chase National Park. Within this un-spoilt wilderness is a range of astonishing rock formations and stunning flora and fauna.

One of the best rock formations to see is the Remarkable Rocks. A set of large and uniquely shaped boulders nestled along the coastline clifftop. Afterwards, you can make your way to Admirals Arch, another grand rock formation. Around here you can often see some adorable seals and their pups.

If you have time, head down to the Platypus Waterholes and do the 4.5-kilometre walking track. Given the name of the waterhole, you may be lucky enough to see a platypus in the water!

Flinders Chase National Park

• Finish the trip off
After you are done seeing all of Kangaroo Island’s best sights, you can relax at the nearby Flinders Chase Visitor Centre. Letting you enjoy a quick coffee and snack to refuel for the night journey back.

Next, head back to Penneshaw and hop on one of the last ferries for the night. During peak times, the last ferry is 10:15 PM, otherwise it is 7:30 PM. On the journey back, you’ll be reflecting on your day of extraordinary sights.

As with a lot of places when you visit, one day is truly never enough, but we always never have enough time! That’s why jam packing everything into one day can really be the best way to experience some destinations.

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