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Packing your bags for your next holiday? Whether you’re after for a spot with an element of adventure, peace and quiet, or extraordinary wildlife, Kangaroo Island has you covered. But before you head off into the unknown greenery and coastland region, it’s always best know the best attractions hidden within. Ensure you make the most of your holiday by seeing all of what Kangaroo Island has to offer.

  • Seal Bay

    For many visitors, wildlife is Australia’s number one drawcard, with a vast range of unique creatures and ancient plant life. Kangaroo Island is no different in this aspect, home to a large assortment of fantastic flora and fauna. Undoubtedly the top favourite animal found on the island is the Australian Sea Lion, with the coastline swarming with the world’s largest colony of seals.  500 seals inhabit the shallow shores and sandy beach, either snoozing in the sun or frolicking in the surf. Travellers can wander down the beach and see the seals up close and personal, taking part in a once in a lifetime wildlife experience.

  • Remarkable Rocks

    The name truly matches this attraction, with the remarkable rocks being quite a remarkable sight to behold. It took nearly 500 million years of rain, wind, and sea spray to shape these incredibly unique granite boulders. Each rock is unique in size and shape, with some being three times an average traveller’s height, to completely hollow rock sections where you can actually crawl into. Many of the granite boulders are covered in a golden orange lichen, which can glow brilliantly during sunrise or sunset.

  • Admirals Arch

    Another ancient natural wonder found on the island is the iconic Admirals Arch. It took thousands of years of erosion for this natural wonder to form, creating a distinctive rock bridge on the island’s southwest coastline. The boardwalk leading to the Admirals Arch is nearly as scenic as the attraction itself, featuring an array of coastal views and lush bushland.

  • Beaches

    Out of Kangaroo Island’s entire 540 kilometres of coastline, there are no fewer than 50 white sand beaches, each with their own unique charm. The most famous is by far is Vivonne Bay, being once ranked as the best beach in Australia due to its clear turquoise waters, white sand, and uniquely curved shape. Emu Bay is another beloved beach on the island, but despite its popularity is typically on the quieter side. The spacious beach is so wide and long that it allows for beach driving, where travellers can drive their 4WD along the soft sands right next to the surf.

  • Flinders Chase National Park

    Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of Kangaroo Island when you visit the fantastic Flinders Chase National Park. It spans out to 32, 500 hectares of bushland and coast, home to some of Australia’s most beloved native animals and plants. Venture through the thick bushland and come face to face with a roaming kangaroo, a snoozing koala, or an array of colourful birds.

Now that you know the best spots at Kangaroo Island, you can enjoy the dazzling Kangaroo Island and all it has to offer!

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