Moreton Island is one of Australia’s great adventure destinations, with heaps of fun to be had on the sandy island and just offshore! Whether partaking in a spot of sand tobogganing, feeding dolphins at sunset or going for an epic 4WD adventure, Moreton Island is the ultimate place to experience Australia’s adventurous side on one big ol’ island!

One of the ultimate adventures to enjoy on this exciting outpost is Tangalooma Wrecks diving. The Tangalooma Wrecks are a series of 15 shipwrecks that were sunk there to create an anchorage for recreational boats.

Today, the Tangalooma Wrecks are one of Australia’s best diving spots, with plenty of coral, fish and sea species being attracted to the rusted hulls, perfect for both divers and snorkellers to marvel upon!

Swimming to the wrecks can be dangerous, as a strong current runs between the beach and shipwrecks when the tide is in motion. What’s more, the wrecks and beach are unpatrolled, making it a dangerous spot for inexperienced swimmers to try and reach.

So, with all this surely at the forefront of mind, we recommend joining a tour if you are inexperienced in the ways of swimming out to shipwrecks in unpredictable conditions!

These guided tours will provide a safe boat trip out to the wrecks as well as experienced guides who know the wrecks like the backs of their hands.

It is the ultimate way to experience this most fascinating shipwreck series, and is perfect to enjoy alongside these other Moreton Island adventures:

Sand tobogganing

Seriously, Moreton Island is an epic adventure paradise, and one of the ultimate activities to get your heart racing on the island is a spot of high-octane sand tobogganing!

After all, Moreton Island consists mostly of sand, so there is plenty of it and in great mounds to be enjoyed at speeds of up to 60km/h. It’s a truly pulsating experience and one that will stay with you long after you’ve whizzed down the dunes at incredible speeds.

Dolphin feeding

Dolphins aren’t stupid – we know this – and therefore they know exactly where to go on Moreton Island to get themselves a sunset feed. Cruising up outside the Tangalooma Island Resort at sunset, the cheeky dolphin pod comes around looking for something tasty to eat, and you have the opportunity to provide that tasty treat!

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