Kakadu, to put it bluntly, is a land like no other. Easily ranking alongside the likes of Kruger and Yellowstone as one of the world’s most magical national parks, Kakadu has absolutely everything a national park should have to earn such reverence.

From beguiling ancient rock art to enchanting natural pools, abundant wildlife and towering cascades, Kakadu is a gloriously rich and varied wonderland that one can only understand its gravity by traversing its lush flats and woodlands!

One of Kakadu’s most mesmerising attractions is that of Twin Falls, a sparkling cascade situated a short drive from Jabiru. Twin Falls is the perfect encapsulation of the great Aussie waterfall: a dazzling, vibrant cascade that encompasses the reds, yellows, turquoise and greens that make the park so beautiful.

What’s more, if you take the time to hike up to the plateau, you will even find yourself one of the park’s – and the world’s – most spectacular natural swimming pools. It’s a real win-win situation for travellers in need of some picturesque refreshment…

You will be stoked to know that Twin Falls is well and truly open and that you and your mates can check out the falls from the land or via a scenic flight – one of the most incredible ways to see them!

Twin Falls is one of the many stunning attractions that make Kakadu an Aussie travel rite of passage, and should be enjoyed alongside these other unforgettable adventures:

Yellow Water cruise

The Northern Territory is home to some 100,000 saltwater crocodiles, with around a 10th of them inhabiting none other than the Kakadu National Park. But don’t be scared, as this only makes for the perfect place to take an incredible croc-spotting cruise along the Yellow Water.

From the (relative) safety of a boat, your knowledgeable guide will take you up the billabong, pointing out these prehistoric predators to you all along the way – just keep your hands in the boat at all times!

The Ubirr Walk

Kakadu is a land of ancient Indigenous rock art, with some pieces dating back an astounding 20,000 years! Ubirr is one of the ultimate places to experience these pieces, with the walk up there surpassing numerous art sites as well as taking up to one of the park’s most majestic lookouts.

It’s a wonderful experience that will give you a true idea of the park’s history and expansive nature!

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