Kakadu National Park is a sprawling natural dreamworld unlike anywhere else in Australia.

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

From the picturesque ancient shelters at Nourlangie, to the tranquil surrounds of the Gunlom plunge pool or the endless biodiversity on offer, Kakadu is one of the ultimate trips you can make in the Land Down Under.

It’s better in winter, trust us!

But there are much better times of year to visit this stunning location, as this part of the country experiences a tropical climate complete with a dry and wet season. But it’s not just whether it’s dry or stormy that should influence your decision – it’s the massive difference in heat that should help you make your decision!

The best time of the year to visit Kakadu is in the dry season (May to September). Not only is the weather far more reliable and will allow you to experience everything you set out for, but it’s also much cooler. The Northern Territory’s tropical climate creates a cool, dry winter and outrageously hot, stormy summers with spectacular lightning storms.

But awesome storms don’t make for memorable visits to Kakadu, so if you want to go at the coolest time of the year, it best to go between June and August. However, these months typically encompass the school holiday period, so things can get a bit busy!

If you want to avoid the crowds but still experience some gorgeous NT weather, why not head there in the months before June and after August? The weather is still amazing weather and visitor numbers are low – you will have more of this awe-inspiring natural wonder to yourself.

Now that you’re there

Well, you knew you were heading there for a reason, and Kakadu National Park has many of them. If you are taking a day trip from Darwin and want to experience some of the park’s main highlights, why not visit the Nourlangie Rock Art site – a remarkable shelter that has been part of the local Indigenous community for thousands of years. Next thing is to take on a croc watching tour from the safety of a cruise, but don’t worry – they don’t get on with you.

If you’re spending more time in the park and what to take on a bunch of awesome experiences, consider heading out to Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, Dunlop Falls and the breathtaking Koolpin Gorge – you’ll have time to check out each of these vibrant locations.

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