Melbourne is typically known for its sleek restaurants and trendy bars, with the city’s laneways full of hidden cafes and underground drinking spots perfect for a night in the city.

But what about the beaches? Sydney usually reigns supreme as Australia’s best beach city, but Melbourne also has a few beach spots worthy of a visit!

  • 1. St Kilda Beach

    By far Melbourne’s best-known beach, located about half an hour out of the city, is St Kilda Beach. The suburb of St Kilda is almost a city in itself, home to beach bars, hostels, and award-winning restaurants. Take one of the many trams down from the city and enjoy a day at the beach, sunbaking on the soft grass nearby or laid out on the sand. If you aren’t up for swimming, the region has plenty of other beach activities, with sunbaking, windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, rollerblading, beach volleyball, jet skiing and water skiing just a few of the fantastic options of possible fun!

    After spending the day here, stay another hour or so for the sunset, with St Kilda being famous for their sunset views. Simply grab a spot at the nearby beach bars or buy some takeaway food to enjoy on the beach whilst the sun goes down.

  • 2. Elwood Beach

    Located 8 kilometres out from the city, Elwood is a great place to visit for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. The waters are calm and serene, perfect for families or groups to enjoy! Due to its close proximity to the city, it is a fairly popular spot, with windsurfing, cycling, cricket, picnics and sunbakers all present throughout the week.

  • 3. Parkdale Beach

    A bit of a further drive from the city, Parkdale Beach is located 23 kilometres south-east of the centre region, making it a great alternative to St Kilda is you are looking to escape the crowds. The beachfront is home to a number of shallow bars, so you are able to walk quite far out in the water, perfect for kids and those nervous to swim. The region is also home to some wonderful rock pools, so you can discover the local marine life in the tiny to massive rock pool sections.

  • 4. Brighton Beach

    The Colourful Bathing Boxes of Brighton Beach has made it one of the go-to spots when visiting Melbourne. Featured in countless Instagram posts and many Melbourne postcards, the 82 colourful bathing boxes that call the beach home, have made this beach an iconic tourist spot. Many tourists opt to cycle to the beach from the city, or simply take the Sandringham train to the region.

  • 5. Sandringham Beach

    Sandringham is another local beach spot visitors can enjoy! A bit further out from Brighton, it typically has only a few locals enjoying the sandy shore. Head here and enjoy the local neighbourhood of beachgoers, walkers, and cyclists bustling about the coast. There are also plenty of friendly cafes and restaurants nearby so you can refuel before heading back to the city!

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