Australia is full of incredible natural wonders, and the Pinnacles are one of the most fascinating. These limestone formations can be found in the sprawling expanse of the Nambung National Park near Cervantes in Western Australia.

They form an eerie silhouette on a desert-inspired backdrop and date back thousands and thousands of years, promising a hearty dose of natural history if you visit.

While there, you can watch western grey kangaroos as they tuck into the sparse vegetation that dots the park just after the sun rises. They’re fairly tame, and often let visitors approach them if they are careful and slow-moving. Elsewhere, you might be able to spot Baudin’s black cockatoos and emus, as well as reptiles like bobtails, sand goannas, and carpet pythons.

What to Do in and Around the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are an attraction in themselves, but there is plenty more to do in the region if you fancy getting to know some of the area’s other major landmarks.

Take a scenic walk or drive the trails through the ancient pillars, some of which soar seven metres skywards. The scattered pattern of them is unique and fascinating, creating a surreal landscape that seems to sprawl out forever. The pillars themselves are made out of shells, and date back to an era when the sand of the region was buried beneath the sea.

The coastal location of the Pinnacles means there are plenty of beaches in the vicinity, too. The national park is flanked by a number of white beaches with crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

For keen fishermen, Thirsty Point Lookout is the ideal spot to try your hand at fishing, while a simple swim is made spectacular in the glistening waters of Hangover Bay. Closer to home, Kangaroo Point is just 8km from the entrance of the park, and gets its name from the hordes of kangaroos that gather on the pristine sands as the sun sets.

Nearby, the small, quaint town of Cervantes promises you the chance to step back in time. This crayfishing town is again surrounded by pretty beaches that are famed for swimming and watersports, but you can also go deep sea fishing here and explore the colourful coral reefs of a snorkeling tour. Keep your eyes peeled for sea lions and bottle nosed dolphins if you choose to delve into the underwater world.

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