Tasmania, The Apple Isle, is a place that is packed full of fun, beauty and adventure for its relatively small size.

This stunning island is replete with arts and culture, fascinating history, natural marvels and sumptuous produce, making it a dream destination for mainland Aussies and overseas travellers!

To drive around the Lap of Tasmania route will take you at least seven days, but you might want to allow a few more to really take in its beauty and grandeur.

These are the unforgettable places and experiences that await you along the way:


Hobart has fast become one of Australia’s favourite travel destinations, showcasing the culture and cuisine that have put Tassie on the tourism map. This small, gorgeous port city is replete with inner-city and out-of-town adventure, from the world famous MONA, with its striking and controversial exhibitions, to the charming Salamanca Market, where you will find great food like the famous Tassie scallop pie.

Hobart is a city that is never too far from nature, and one of the best ways to explore it is by climbing the lush Mount Wellington and catching an impressive view across the city!

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a town that is steeped in colonial history, some of which is designed to frighten the absolute bejeebers out of tourists. First, you can learn about Port Arthur’s turbulent history at the Port Arthur prison, encountering the violence and brutality that plagued its relentless walls.

Next, take a nighttime tour of the prison, and see how what was a tranquil place to meander throughout the day becomes a place for tortured souls to rattle and clamour in the night. Tourists often come back with tales of something supernatural occurring on their tour, so make sure you pump yourself up for a fright!

Central Highlands

Tasmania’s landscape is wonderfully diverse, encompassing dense forests, sublime beaches and, of course, the rugged Central Highlands. For those of you who love nature, there is no better place for getting amongst it than the Central Highlands, home to Tasmania’s world famous Cradle Mountain.

Be sure to hike up the majestic mountain, where you can take in stunning views as well as catch some of Australia’s most beloved wildlife roaming around the landscape!

After that epic climb (it can take anywhere from five to eight hours to reach the summit), you might want to find yourself enjoying Tassie’s finest export – whiskey – and you can do so at the legendary Nant Estate.

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