Victoria is an astounding state, with the Great Ocean Road’s sublime beauty to the west, the enchantingly rugged High Country to the east and Melbourne’s elegant charm in the middle!

It should come as no surprise that Victoria’s most visited place is its glittering capital, Melbourne. The city is famous for its livability, consistently ranking as the most liveable city in the world until Vienna and then Auckland pipped it (but it’ll be back!).

Standard of living aside, Melbourne is one of the world’s cultural capitals, with abundant art, music, nightlife and a roving sporting calendar that easily eclipses any other world city.

So, what are some of the exciting things to do when you head to the City of Melbourne?

Well, there are plenty, check them out:

Sports, sports &, yeah, more sports

Melbourne’s sporting calendar is second-to-none, non-stop and incredibly varied. From the Australian Open’s laidback fun and fanfare to its homegrown sport in Aussie rules, the Formula 1 and the legendary cricket Boxing Day Test, Melbourne has earned the title “the sporting capital of the world” for pretty good reason!

Tennis, car racing and cricket are all awesome Melbourne events, but to get a feel of Melbourne’s homegrown love for sport you simply can’t go past Aussie rules footy and its eponymous league, the Australian Footy League (AFL).

Melbourne is the home of Aussie rules footy, and by default has the most teams in the league, meaning the autumn, winter and spring weekends are full of teams battling it out at the MCG and Marvel Stadium.

Head to a game, choose your side and get involved – it won’t take you long to understand why the Melbournians are so crazy about it…

The National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) doesn’t only house some wonderfully vibrant permanent exhibitions, but it is also the place to catch either a stellar winter or summer showcase, too!

What makes this even better is that the gallery doesn’t abide by antiquated, walk-around-and-view-the-collection rules, as it is home to the fabulous NGV Friday Nights program.

NGV Friday Nights combines its exhibitions with music, dance, performance and great food and drink, throwing a weekly spectacular that is sure to get your senses buzzing and your feet moving!

Oh, we were only getting started, be sure to check out one of Melbourne’s perfectly-kept gardens, too…

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