Fraser Island is one of Australia’s undisputed tropical wonderlands, with pristine beaches, stunning lakes and an abundance of unique wildlife species that inhabit the island without much human interference.

Dingo on Fraser Island

One of the local species that makes this island such a go-to for nature-loving travellers is the dingo.

While the dingo population across Australia is threatened, they are able to live freely on Fraser Island without too much trouble. This has made the island a haven for the species, and today the dingo population is estimated to be at around 200, with around 25-30 packs made up of 12 dingoes each. They are just one of the wildlife species that make Fraser Island such an amazing place for a little animal spotting!

If you love Australian wildlife, Fraser Island is an amazing place to catch native animals in their most natural habitat. Other animals that make Fraser Island such a diverse landscape include the brushtail possum, the flying fox, sand monitors and a range of snakes (if you’re not too scared of them, of course!).

This magical island also boasts a sizeable tropical bird population, with the likes of yellow-tailed black cockatoos, brahminy kites, white-bellied sea eagles and pied oystercatchers all flocking to the island to chill and do a little fishing.

So, now that you know the dingo populous is alive and well on the stunning Fraser Island, what are some of the other activities that make this place such a memorable spot to visit?

Driving along 75 Mile Beach

A drive along 75 Mile Beach isn’t just a drive along a gorgeous stretch of coast – it’s full of mini adventures in itself! The wave and wind-swept shores of this world famous beach form the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable 4WD adventure. Along this drive you can view the rusted hull of the Maheno shipwreck and take a dip in the fizzy champagne pools, perfect for cooling down after a drive in the sun!

Hike the Fraser Island Great Walk

The Fraser Island Great Walk traverses a massive 90km of tropical splendour, so you just know it’s going to have some amazing highlights along the way. From the tranquil surrounds of Lake McKenzie (also perfect for a dip), the tropical forest surrounds of Central Station and the charming settlements of Happy Valley and Dilli Village, this is a hiker’s dream track, and it is ideal for people looking to experience everything this wondrous island has to offer in one great all-encompassing walk!

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