Don’t mark Kangaroo Island off your tour plans just yet, as the local community calls all tourists to help!

It’s been a tough start for Kangaroo Island’s summer! Usually, this time of year is the peak period for tourism in Kangaroo Island, but due to the devastating bushfires of Australia, the region has faced severe hardship. The bushfires raged across the island, destroying a large portion of essential farm infrastructure, and lead to the evacuation of a large portion of their population. Currently, the fires have all been put out, and all members of the community are coming together to rebuild, but the widespread panic has left many travellers wondering if it’s even safe or worth visiting.

How is Kangaroo Island Suffering?

The west region of Kangaroo Island faced serious hardship from the bushfires. As a result, there are some attractions and accommodation that have sadly been impacted and are closed until further notice. These include popular tourist spots such as Flinders Chase National Park, the West of Vivonne Bay, and Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. However, this is only a small section of Kangaroo Island, with the east region still welcoming tourists with open arms.

Kangaroo Island attracts over 140,000 visitors every year, with the entire island relying heavily on the tourism industry to stay afloat. However, after the bushfires, many potential visitors have cancelled their travel plans or altered to a different section of Australia. The cancellations have been so extreme, they are going as far out as April. Prompting a plea for support to travellers to aid in rebuilding Kangaroo Island.

How can you Help

Simply planning a visit to Kangaroo Island can help rebuild the region immensely. By visiting the island’s open facilities and attractions, their economy through tourism can rise, and therefore lead to the affected area of Kangaroo Island to improve. The eastern part of the island remains unaffected and beautiful, guaranteeing a terrific trip here!

Where to Go on Kangaroo Island

  • See the Native Wildlife

    If you are interested in seeing some of the local Australian wildlife, the eastern region of Kangaroo Island is not short on bushland and wildlife parks. Stroll through the many walking paths scattered about the area, otherwise, you can guarantee yourself an animal spotting when you visit the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park or Raptor Domain.

  • Dine in the Regional Eateries

    Regardless of whether you are after breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Kangaroo Island has you covered. There are countless cafes and restaurants to choose from, with some of the most popular being Kangaroo Island Fresh Seafood restaurant and the popular coastal Sunset Food and Wine spot!

  • Sip on a Local Drink

    Appreciate Kangaroo Island’s skill in wine and beer making at the many delicious local drink spots. Dudley Wines is by far the number one winery, located along the stunning Cuttlefish Bay. If you aren’t a wine drinker, head to Kangaroo Island Brewery for a delicious range of light and dark brews!

  • Swim at the Beach

    Simply enjoy the island’s natural beauty at one of the many beaches while you sunbake the day away with the occasional dip into the sea.

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