There is no better way to discover the natural terrain of Phillip Island than by lacing up those walking shoes and heading out into nature.

From pristine beachfront to thick bushland, Philip Island is home to astonishing wildlife and natural attractions no matter where you trek about. Find out the best walks to enjoy while travelling here to learn and see all the goodies this land has in store!

  • Cape Woolamai Walk

    Cape Woolamai Walk

    Cape Woolamai is the highest point on Phillip Island, letting visitors see the entire region in all its glory. Due to its impressive endpoint, the Cape Woolamai Walk is one of the most popular hiking tracks around. Simply start at the Cape Woolamai Beach car park, enjoy a beach walk, and then head up the clifftop tracks until you reach the peak. Make sure to bring your camera, as the 360-degree coastal views are well worth a couple snaps for your next insta post.

  • Whale Spotting Trail

    Phillip Island lies right along the coast of Victoria’s cold waters and is one of the main base points travellers go to see migrating whales. The whales stop on the shallow shores of Phillip Island on their way to the warmer waters of Queensland, with months of opportunities to spot these amazing creatures at Phillip Island. If you are happy to see them from land, head along this walking trail, which takes you along the coastline of Phillip Island and Bass Coast. Displaying multiple informational signs along the way, the track runs from Eagles Nest in the East to Cowes on Phillip Island, leading you to the best whale spotting spots around!

  • Conservation Hill and Rhyll Inlet Walk

    After enjoying the many beach tracks, why not head inland and enjoy the wetlands of Phillip Island, a world-renowned habitat packed with thick mangroves and stretched out wetlands. There are multiple walking trails to enjoy, each marked as a different colour. The Black loop begins at Conservation Hill, and leads you around the smooth mangrove boardwalk, continuing onto the Rhyll Inlet to Rhyll, taking approximately 1 and a half hours return. The Blue loop follows the mangrove boardwalk until the Rhyll Inlet Lookout, only taking an hour return. The Green Loop is only a half an hour journey, only taking you around the boardwalk to see the wetlands.

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