Found in Hobart’s picturesque waterfront, the Salamanca Market offers a little something for everyone!

If ever you find yourself in Tasmania on a Saturday morning, head to the outdoor Salamanca Market, perfect for the foodie or vintage items lover. Every week the market comes alive with the energy of around 25,000 visitors between the hours of 8:30am to 3pm in search of locally made food and handcrafted items lovingly made by producers. Its central location means that there are 20 hotels that are within walking distance or it’s just a 7-minute walk from the nearest bus stop on Elizabeth street. As the market is operated and run by the City of Hobart, they even offer a free shuttle bus service from 9am to 2pm on a route that will transport you between Hobart city and the market.

There are over 300 stalls for you to explore and discover objects such as ceramics, bath items, and jewellery as well as amazing locally made food. The market is a major tourist attraction but also loved by locals as well! Historic Georgian sandstone buildings line the streets where the market is held and for a lunch break away from the crowds, stop at the Parliament Gardens that sits adjacent to the market for a rest stop or to eat your lunch.

  • Entertainment

    The market is always bustling with early morning shoppers perusing the stalls and the atmosphere is brought up a notch by the buskers you’ll find in the nooks and crannies of the market, softly strumming their instruments or swooning original songs. On the corner of Gladstone Street between the hours of 8:30am to 12:30 pm you’ll discover the Speakers Corner where poets and those who have a story to tell make their way to the market to speak in front of a thoughtful audience.

  • Arts and Crafts

    If you’re one of those people who are forever on the look out for antique items on your travel or have a penchant for beautiful artwork, then look no further than the Salamanca Market where you’re sure to find second hand books, handcrafted pottery, glass and woodwork and knitted items, a perfect keepsake from your Tasmania holiday.

  • Clothing

    For all your shopping needs the Salamanca Market will have you covered. Sort your way through vintage clothes, leather items and jewellery that is delicately handmade by the people who are manning their stalls. Purses, bags and other accessories can also be found at these stalls so keep your eye out for on trend finds.

  • Food and Beverage

    The biggest category of stallholders at the market goes to the producers of Tasmania’s best local food and drink. Try aromatic coffee, whiskey and liquors, as well as the wines from the region. Here you’ll also come across nearby Bruny Island’s stalls for cheese and oysters which are a must try. There is also rich sauces, homemade spice rubs and fruity jams for you to taste.

No matter what your taste is, the Salamanca Market will leave you satisfied!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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