Sip on a crisp white wine as you marvel at the lush greenery Hunter Valley is famed for!

Where do you begin when visiting the most popular wine-making region in all of New South Wales? With wineries covering every nook and cranny of the lush green valley, it’s hard to pick which winery to stop into. Luckily for you, we’ve made it easier, listing our top eight wineries within the Hunter Valley. Take a look and get ready for a day jam-packed with delightful wine and marvellous views.

  • McGuigan’s Wine

    Awarded for the International Winemaker of the Year, it comes to no surprise that McGuigan’s Winery is one of our top picks! Nestled in the heart of Hunter Valley, the winemakers here focus on a traditional production method which the winery has been refining for years. Try out the large selection of wine varieties, from the always-popular Black Label to special types including the Cellar Select and Personal Reserve.

  • Wynwood Estate

    It is one of the area’s newest wineries, but Wynwood Estate has climbed the charts and become one of our favourites in very little time! Due to its fresh age, the brand strives to produce a large range of modern flavours, focusing on tempting any tastebud. The location is also a highlight, with the winery being the perfect lookout to see the lush green valley below.

  • Waverley Estate

    Listed as the only Aged Wine Specialist in the entire region of Hunter Valley, Waverley Estate is certainly one of a kind. The aim of the winery is quality, not quantity, only creating each wine variety in small amounts. So far, this method has made them famous, with their Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon all winning awards.

  • Ivanhoe Wines

    Enjoy jaw-dropping views to go with your wine when you visit Ivanhoe Wines. This boutique vineyard is nestled on 80 acres of lush greenery, promising both a delicious selection of wines to try and a natural wonderland to stroll about in.

  • Peppertree Wines

    More of a red wine drinker? Then Peppertree wines are for you! Dubbed the King of Red in the Hunter Valley, Peppertree offers both award-winning wines and a five-star restaurant, pairing these delicious reds with your choice in food!

  • Gartelmann Wines

    A boutique family-owned winery is perfect for a more personal winery visit! With hidden wine gems including their Shiraz, Semillon, and Chardonnay, you can enjoy a one on one talk with the friendly staff as you sip on their delightful collection.

  • Tulloch Wines

    For over 122 years the Tulloch family has served delicious premium wines to the Hunter Valley community. Their story began in 1838, when James Tulloch came to Australia, purchasing five acres of land which contained neglected Shiraz vines. The winery is still owned by the original family, giving you a perfect insight into the passion and dedication this region is proud of!

  • Harkham Wines

    Interested in natural wine? Harkham is listed as the best natural winery in the Valley, producing the grapes and wine with minimal chemical and technological intervention. Try out these unique wine varieties with some organic nibbles to go with them.

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