Treat yourself by seeing some of the biggest creatures alive at the stunning shores of Moreton Island!

Whale watching season is an exciting time to head to Moreton Island, where you can watch the majestic creatures begin their migration. Every year, around 14,000 and 16,000 humpback whales pass by the shores of Moreton Island, passing as close as just 100m off the east coast of the island.

About the Whale Watching

Set close to the bustling city of Brisbane, Moreton Island is a haven of wildlife for nature lovers, seen as a great day adventure from the bustling city. The island is particularly flooded during the whale watching season, which promises at least a glimpse or two of these incredible creatures if the conditions are right, there are plenty of other species to spot. Out of the 45 species of whales and dolphins, the humpback whale is by far the favourite, as well as being the most commonly seen. These species of whale can be seen throughout the world, but during the winter season, the Humpbacks from the Antarctica and swim to the warmer waters of the Pacific for their breeding and calving grounds. While migrating to and from this point, there are a number of Australian lookout points which guarantee a few sightings, with Moreton Island one of the them!

Seeing them on Moreton Island

But it’s the opportunity to spot the region’s resident humpback whales that draws in the most crowds. Once on the island, you have several vantage points to enjoy the views from, the best of which is Cape Moreton.

From here, you can see the mesmerising array of marine life, including the huge humpback whales as they make their migration from between June and November. But keeps your eyes peeled for other species, too, like dolphins, sharks, and turtles.

If you want to get to know more about the creatures, there are several whale watching tours you can join, where you can get up close and personal with them, watching them feed, breach, and splash their tails in the ocean. Back on land and to the south of the island, you can explore the picturesque sea grasses where dugong play. Elsewhere, the shallow sandy flats that flank the ocean at low tide reveal a heady array of marine life, including green worms, sea anemones, molluscs, and armies of soldier crabs.

After seeing the whales, you don’t have to head home straight away, as Nature lovers will particularly enjoy the many other wildlife opportunities on Moreton Island. Not only will you have the chance to spot a range of bird species that fly around the island, but you’ll also be able to spot some of the best marine life in the whole of Australia. Look out for dolphins, turtles, and dugongs, as well as the main attraction – the resident humpback whales.

Whale watching season is the perfect time to visit, where you can watch these mesmerising creatures start their migration.

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