Darwin is a city of tropical splendour.

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Yes, this toasty town that once only served as a launching point for the famed Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks has become its own tourist gem, with plenty for all to enjoy.

Whether you’re feasting on delicious cuisine at the stunning Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, meandering around the vibrant Waterfront Precinct or heading out to one of those legendary national parks, Darwin is a city that encapsulates laid back Australiania to the fullest!

Perhaps this chilled-out, laid back vibe has something partly to do with the weather: Darwin is hot, stinkin’ hot. And this gnarly heat is important when it comes to deciding when to venture to the city.

Darwin, being a toasty, tropical town, experienced a “dry’ season (cool and dry), and a “wet” season (hot and stormy). Those of you who don’t mind a bit of blistering heat followed by a torrential downpour should have no trouble heading to Darwin in the wet season (November – April), but for those of us who enjoyed a bit of warmth without the extremities, the dry season (May – October) is certainly the way to go.

Besides, the dry, cooler months of the year is the time where Darwin truly comes alive, with charming markets and events turning the city into a place to enjoy a bit of mid-year fun and excitement!

Let’s take a look at some of those wonderful events below…

Darwin markets: eat, relax & enjoy one of the world’s grandest sunsets

Darwin, in recent years, has become renowned for its food markets. These breezy, open air markets are truly joyous occasions, with charming, local offerings and live music at the likes of Nightcliff, Parap and Rapid Creek all ushering in good times and great evenings.

But the most famous of the city’s open airfare offerings has to be that of the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Not only is it home to a diverse range of cuisines (think anything from Singaporean to Spanish), but it is situated on the eponymous Mindil Beach – a spot where you can enjoy your meal whilst also enjoying one of Australia’s most gorgeous sunsets. It’s a truly memorable occasion: a symphony of sun, sand and sumptuous food.

The Darwin Festival: Australia’s toastiest winter fest

The Darwin Festival runs over 18 days in August and showcases a smorgasbord of outdoor concerts, cabaret, workshops, dance music, film, visual arts and more. There are so many wonderful events to choose from it can actually be difficult to decide what to go to! But regardless of what you decide on, you’re in for a very good time up north!

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