Off the coast of Brisbane lies a hidden gem and a beautiful sand island.

Moreton Island has a subtropical climate with mainly warm days all year round. The best time to go to Moreton Island is in autumn! The autumn weather has blue skies, and if you’re looking to go swimming, the water temperature is perfect.

The most popular time to go is during summer and it can also be busy around school holidays. But if you can avoid these times, there will be fewer people.

How can I get to Moreton Island?

The only way to get to Moreton Island from Brisbane is via a ferry, barge, or boat. It takes about 75 minutes to reach Moreton Island.

What can I do on Moreton Island?

Moreton Island is a place full of adventure and nature lovers will adore the island. When you’re on the island, make sure you try and get these activities done!

Sand tobogganing

The Moreton Island sand dunes are huge and are a lot of fun to go gliding down them. You can reach speeds of 40 kilometres per hour as you go down the sand dunes! Spend 90 minutes enjoying the thrilling and exhilarating sport of Moreton Island.

Snorkelling the Tangalooma Wrecks

Explore the Tangalooma Wrecks by going snorkelling in the area! The wrecks are 15 ships that got scatted in the water from 1963 to 1984 by the Queensland Government. The ships scattered were a spot for boat owners to have a safe anchorage.

These wrecks are home to marine life, colourful reef fish, and coral. You can even do scuba diving and explore the wrecks even further.

You can also hire equipment and do your own snorkelling elsewhere in the water.

Dolphin feeding

One of the unique activities you can do on Moreton Island is hand feed the friendly bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins visit the shores every evening during sunset. All the dolphins have their own personality and the ones that visit often have their own name!

Are there tours available at Moreton Island?

There are many different tours available, with most departing from Brisbane. If you’re looking to book a tour, here are two options that give you the chance to check out this paradise island.

On this tour, when you arrive at Moreton Island, you’ll go to the Tangalooma Resort and use the facilities there. You can swim in the pools, go to the sports facilities, or relax at the bars and restaurants.

You can hire snorkelling equipment and explore underwater, or you can just relax on the beach. You can upgrade your tour and select an experience. You can do a Desert Safari Tour, Marine Discovery Cruise, Whale Watching (June to October), or Snorkelling the Wrecks.

Before you leave, you’ll go to the Marine Education Centre to learn about the sea life in the area.

Another one day tour comes with the upgrade where you can select an experience! First, you go to the Tangalooma Resort and are able to use the facilities. Then you do one of the activities like Marine Discovery, Wreck Snorkelling, Whale Watching (June to October), ATV Quad Biking, or Desert Safari to do.

After your chosen experience, you go to the presentation about dolphins at the Marine Education Centre. Then you’ll watch the dolphins come up to the shore for feeding! If you want to get involved, book the upgrade!

March to May, when it’s autumn in most parts of Australia, is one of the best times to visit the beautiful paradise island. Moreton Island has so much adventure waiting for you to get into.

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