Covid-19 has caused a devastating disruption to the world, with activities, events, and travel plans all coming to a grinding halt to minimise the spread and to keep citizens safe.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with government restrictions easing and allowing some tours to operate during this time.

All these tours will operate with the strictest hygiene standards, as well as safe social distancing in place. Allowing individuals to explore Sydney’s great attractions and activities during this tough time.

  • Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour – now available (Wednesdays & Saturdays)

    Outside Sydney’s bustling city lies the stunning sprawl of the Blue Mountains. An impressive landscape home to deep gorges, lush rainforests, and striking mountaintops. Visitors can trek through the bushland and see the waterfalls and lookout points dotted about the region. Scenic World is one of the best viewpoints to visit, with state-of-the-art cableways, railways, and skyways to let guests glide over the treetops and marvel at the landscape. Hop on this Blue Mountains Tour for a deluxe exploration in New South Wales bush.

  • Hunter Valley Tour from Sydney – now available

    Climb aboard a luxury bus and visit winery after winery as you roam about the Hunter Valley region. It is one of Australia’s oldest winemaking regions, with some of the biggest known wine brands in the country. Here you can hop to stylish cellar doors, restaurants, and more during the day while marvelling at the lush greenery that sprawls out across the hillside. While sipping on these delicious local wines, you can learn about the soil, the history of the land, and the unique flavours of each variety, learning more about wine than you ever thought possible. This tour is great for those looking to escape the current mundane life of Sydney’s restrictions, letting you explore the outdoors safely.

  • Hunter Valley Tour from the Hunter Valley – now available

    Indulge in your love of wine with this day of endless wineries and cellar doors. If you are already in the Hunter Valley region, you can see the highlights of the area in the state-of-the-art bus. Be picked up from your accommodation and explore the stunning scenery of the sprawling hills and historic attractions. Learning more about the unique winemaking skills Hunter Valley is famous for. Once you get sick of the wine, you can head to the local Vodka Distillery and Smelly Cheese Factory, where you can enjoy a variety of vodka and cheese tasting palettes.

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