For a truly unforgettable experience, see the local dolphins of Tin Can Bay up close and personal on your Fraser Island adventure!

The island is renowned for its wildlife, home to spectacular ecosystems, thick rainforest regions, and unique marine and land animals. But by far the most popular animals on the island are the beloved dolphins.

About the Dolphins

Found in the Tin Can Bay of Fraser Island, these dolphins are truly unique creatures. They are a rare breed of humpback dolphins, which thrive in rivers and estuaries. The dolphins spend the majority of their time frolicking in the shallows in tidal creek areas, catching the local fish, squid, and crustaceans for snacks. This small pod of dolphins has been visiting Tin Can Bay for over 30 years. The very first dolphins who visited known as Scarry and Mystique.

Although Scarry hasn’t been seen in the area for about 15 years, Mystique still brings his family to the shores, joining in on the dolphin feeding held daily. Other dolphins in the group are known as Patch, Squirt, Ella, Aussie, Chompy, Valentine, White Fin, and Harmony – each with their own personality and story of their time in Tin Can Bay!

Dolphin Feeding at Tin Can Bay

Visitors can join in on the feeding time every day, with the experience always beginning at 8.00 am. The dolphins, who know the time off by heart now, make their way to the bay to hang out in the shallow shores of the beach. Guests can roll up their pants and flick off their shoes before wading in the water waist-deep. Simply throw the fishy snacks into the water and enjoy how the dolphins brush up against your legs as they munch on their tasty treats.

This experience is completely sustainable, as the guides only give a small portion of food to the animals, so as to make sure they still hunt for the rest of their daily food and not rely completely on the morning snacks.

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