Tasmania’s Central Highlands sprawl out in a picturesque show of mountain peaks interspersed with rolling grass plains. In summer, the pretty tarns sparkle under the sunshine, while winter brings snow-capped peaks and frost-rimmed lakes. The crisp, fresh landscape is a haven for hikers, walkers, and bikers, taking them far from the bustle of busy city life.

Set slap bang in the middle of the island, the Central Highlands bring ancient Tasmania to life, showcasing its exceptional scenery and displaying its mesmerising beauty.

At the centre of it all lies Cradle Mountain, a majestic monolith made famous by photographers thanks to the surrounding eggshell-smooth waters. It is one of the island’s best-loved features, drawing in scenery-seeking visitors from far and wide. The region is also a hotbed of animal activity, where wombats, wallabies, and pademelons roam free, and there is the ever-present chance you’ll spot a Tasmanian devil or the elusive platypus.