Tasmania’s Central Highlands sprawl out in a picturesque show of mountain peaks interspersed with rolling grass plains.

Central Highlands Tasmania

In summer, the pretty tarns sparkle under the sunshine, while winter brings snow-capped peaks and frost-rimmed lakes. The crisp, fresh landscape is a haven for hikers, walkers, and bikers, taking them far from the bustle of busy city life.

Set slap bang in the middle of the island, the Central Highlands bring ancient Tasmania to life, showcasing its exceptional scenery and displaying its mesmerising beauty.

At the centre of it all lies Cradle Mountain, a majestic monolith made famous by photographers thanks to the surrounding eggshell-smooth waters. It is one of the island’s best-loved features, drawing in scenery-seeking visitors from far and wide. The region is also a hotbed of animal activity, where wombats, wallabies, and pademelons roam free, and there is the ever-present chance you’ll spot a Tasmanian devil or the elusive platypus.

Tasmania’s Central Highlands have rightfully earned their place among Australia’s most beloved travel destinations. With so much awe and wonder in one enchanting region, what are some of the amazing adventures that await you in Tassie’s Central Highlands?

Lake St Clair

There is no better place to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of Tassie’s Central Highlands than at Lake St Clair. This gorgeous, glacier-carved lake offers tranquil cruises, hikes around the lush windswept terrain, forest exploring and a hike up one of Australia’s most famous mountains, that of the legendary Cradle Mountain!

Golf at Australia’s oldest course

Golf was invented in Scotland, and so it came as no surprise when a group of Scottish settlers decided to build Australia’s first course in the charming town of Bothwell. Avid golfers would know all about Bothwell, as not only is it home to Australia’s oldest green at Ratho Farm, but it is also home to the Australasian Golf Museum, situated right near the gorgeous Queens Park!

If golfing isn’t your thing but you still want to soak up some of that charming Scotspitality (our new word for “Scottish hospitality) then be sure to check out the charming, heritage-listed buildings and head out to Nant Estate for a whisky tour completed with a divine drop o’ the pure.

The Great Lake

The Great Lake and its surrounding region are some of the most beguiling countries in all of Tassie, making for the perfect getaway for weary workers. Take in the pristine surroundings and even check yourselves into the Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge – once a site where Antarctic expeditioners trained for their upcoming voyages.

Taste local whiskeys, gins & vodkas

The Lawrenny Estate Distillery at Ouse is revered as one of Australia’s finest, producing delectable whisky, gin, vodka and even cold brew coffee liqueur, all using local products from the wonderful Tassie environment.

You can head to the distillery to try any number of these wonderful drops, the perfect winter warmer when you’re traversing around the chilly highlands!

It’s truly one of Australia’s most stunning regions

The Central Highlands are a quaint, undeniably charming part of Australia, with plenty of adventure and hospitality to keep you happy for days…

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