The mesmerising scenery of Flinders Island draws in visitors from far and wide. Known as the “Mountains in the Sea”, the paradise backdrop forms one of the 51 islands of the Furneaux Group. Dotted all around the crystalline waters of the Bass Strait, they are what’s left of the ancient land bridge that once connected Tasmania to Australia’s mainland.

Flinders is packed full of fascinating history, dating back thousands of years when pirates reigned strong. During this time, they slaughtered seals and caused havoc amongst the local Aboriginal population. Many of their captive prisoners were taken to Kangaroo Island, where the lineage of Tasmania’s indigenous lineage is still apparent.

Today, the island is pretty remote, paying homage to pristine views rather than its pirate-filled past. The rural community that lives here dedicate their lives to agriculture and fishing, providing a laidback lifestyle like no other. For active visitors, there is plenty to do – bushwalking adventures, plenty of animal spotting opportunities, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, and, of course, ample chance for fishing.