The mesmerising scenery of Flinders Island draws in visitors from far and wide. Known as the “Mountains in the Sea”, the paradise backdrop forms one of the 51 islands of the Furneaux Group.

Flinders Island

Dotted all around the crystalline waters of the Bass Strait, they are what’s left of the ancient land bridge that once connected Tasmania to Australia’s mainland.

Flinders is packed full of fascinating history, dating back thousands of years when pirates reigned strong. During this time, they slaughtered seals and caused havoc amongst the local Aboriginal population. Many of their captive prisoners were taken to Kangaroo Island, where the lineage of Tasmania’s indigenous lineage is still apparent.

Today, the island is pretty remote, paying homage to pristine views rather than its pirate-filled past. The rural community that lives here dedicate their lives to agriculture and fishing, providing a laidback lifestyle like no other. For active visitors, there is plenty to do – bushwalking adventures, plenty of animal spotting opportunities, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, and, of course, ample chance for fishing.

So, what are some of the fun and wholesome activities that make Flinders Island so pristine and perfect?

Trousers Point

Did we mention Flinders Island is full of stunning views? Well, you certainly won’t be short of places to catch a sweeping vista across this stunning island and its waters, but Trousers Point potentially takes the cake for the most incredible of all!

Traverse the bouldered terrain and take in this incredible site, learning about how a shipwrecked man lost his pants coming ashore (hence the name!). It’s also the perfect place to swim, take a relaxing stroll or enjoy a picnic with some of Tassie’s finest produce.

Flinders Wharf

The dining options at Flinders Wharf are what encapsulates the produce that has made the state a world famous culinary hotspot. The restaurant is revered for its locally caught seafood, and the distillery located just next door is a great place to relax, have a delicious beverage and take in some of that chilled Flinders Island atmosphere…


Flinders Island is known across Australia for its abundance of one of the country’s most adorable animals – the cheeky wombat! You might just see one of these furry little marsupials wandering around the island at any time of the day, and in Whitemark there is a store called The Purple Swamphen that helps out with a local wombat orphanage – so be sure to pick up a couple of eco-friendly gifts when you drop by!

The Docks

The Docks is some of the most incredible coastlines in Australia – we said it, and we’re not taking it back! It is just so pristine and tranquil, and the perfect place for an evening stroll or to check out some of the island’s stunning scenery.

Castle Rock

This is a seriously big rock – the biggest on Flinders Island, in fact, and is a great sight to see when partnered with a visit to the Furneaux Museum. It’s also located at another gorgeous stretch of coastline, making it another beautiful walk on the serene Flinders Island…

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