West Coast Tasmania is a postcard of verdant green hills, alpine forests, and untouched wilderness, bringing the raw heart of the island to visitors. Affectionately dubbed the wild west, this part of the island boasts a flurry of gorgeous beaches, ancient forests, cascading rivers, and sculpted mountains. The views here are second to none, while the activities on offer are some of the best on the island – think multi-day hiking adventures, cruising still rivers and gushing rapids, and gliding over the stunning scenes below in a helicopter.

While most of western Tasmania boasts lush greenery and fresh landscapes, Queenstown instead spreads out in a fine display of dusty reds and oranges. The winding road that leads into the town is reminiscent of wild west movies, were dusty hills and deep gullies cast a barren backdrop.

For a fresher adventure, hotfoot it to the Gordon River, a majestic stretch of water that spans a huge part of Tasmania, from the Central Highlands right down to the south west.