Known by the locals as KI, King Island is a tiny sliver of land that’s small in size but big in friendliness. Stretching out for 64km in length and 27km in width, this laidback piece of paradise is inhabited by a tight-knit community – the kind where everyone knows everyone and life plays out leisurely. Characterised by verdant farmland and grassy plains, the landscape is ideal for producing famously rich dairy products, while the surrounding clear waters supply fresh seafood year round.

The locals here work together to maintain the island’s beautiful backdrop, tending to the four lighthouses that watch over the rugged coastline. But it is surfing that is the main form of play here. King Island is home to some of the most consistently good surf in the country, whether you’re looking to explore hidden coves or find the beach with the best break. When you’re not enjoying the waves, be sure to tuck into the island’s delicious fare, from the famous cheese to other local delights.