The Fraser Coast offers visitor a hearty dose of beach life made up of spectacular beaches, sparkling blue waters, national parks that spread from the lush hinterland to the breath-taking coast, and a landscape filled with quaint seaside villages, traditional farms, and historic sugar-cane fields.

Island life is the name of the game here, with Fraser Island offering visitors a menu of activities, from water-based adventures in crystal-clear Lake McKenzie, to the backdrop of 75 Mile Beach with its native dingoes, and the shipwreck of Maheno in the heart of the island.

The Fraser Coast is also considered the whale watching capital of Australia – maybe even in the world. Nowhere else promises such consistent and close encounters with majestic humpback whales. There are numerous tours that run throughout whale watching season, and there’s even a Whale Festival where you can learn how to speak Whale and learn more about these incredible creatures.