As one of the best travel destinations in Australia, Kangaroo Island is home to a haven of natural wonders.

However, due to last summer’s bushfires and the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Kangaroo Island has suffered during 2020. As the bushfires raged across the island, many of the top attractions, including the Remarkable Rocks, were closed to visitors.

It’s Recent Reopening

The iconic rock formations of the Remarkable Rocks lie within the Flinders Chase National Park, which has been shut since the devasting 2019-20 summer bushfires. Over 96 per cent of the park was damaged by the highly destructive fire. Fortunately, despite COVID-19 restrictions and thanks to a year’s worth of reconstruction, the Flinders Chase National Park has recently reopened.

How the Remarkable Rocks Came to be

The rocks are nestled alongside the coastal clifftop of the park, making for a truly iconic horizon view. The series of massive rocks range in both size and shapes, from huge boulders with hollow insides to sharp-pointed edged rocks. The material of the rocks is known as Ordovician granite, once being a part of the supercontinent Gondwana. The reason for these unusual shapes and sizes are due to the slow process of erosion, caused by the continuous wind, rain, and sea spray slowly cutting away at the rocks for over 500 million years.

Why They are Worth the Visit

The huge array of granite boulders needs to be seen to believed, with no photos doing it justice. Visitors are left in awe by the massive size and unusual shapes these rocks have formed. Travellers can truly discover every nook and cranny of the rocks as they wander through the huge collection, even stepping within the gigantic, hollow granite boulders or feeling the sharp picks. One of the best times to see this incredible sight is either during the sunset or sunrise. With the bright glow of the sun, the rock’s colours are enhanced even further. Once you’ve seen the rocks glowing colours, stroll out a bit away and see one of the most unique silhouetted horizons, with the dark rocks contrasting beautifully with the sun’s orange light.

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