The township of Penneshaw is a small hidden gem in South Australia.

Nestled on the coast of the Dudley Peninsula in Kangaroo Island. Being the island’s main ferry port, it is one of the most popular spots on the island, featuring ancient forests, charming shops, and stunning golden sand beaches.

Things you can Do in Penneshaw

  • Enjoy the local Charm

    As Penneshaw is Kangaroo Island’s main ferry port, both locals and tourists are continually coming and going from this coastal suburb. Visitors can enjoy the endless cafes, shops, and attractions dotting the main road, with the natural wonders only a couple minutes’ walk away! Due to the constant cycle of tourists, the local’s welcome newcomers with open arms. Happy to direct confused guests or bustle them into the warm cafes for a delicious meal to start your day.

  • Visit the Beach

    It is known as Hog Bay, and although the name doesn’t suggest a stunning region, the beach is well worth the visit. Featuring soft white sand, and pristine waters, the beach of Penneshaw is an ideal spot for swimming, relaxing, and sunbaking the day away. If you aren’t a big sand lover, the area has plenty of large grassy spots, with even a couple picnic tables and barbecues about so you can enjoy a picnic lunch on this picturesque beach!

  • See the Local Animals

    Kangaroo Island is famed for its wildlife, with the thick bushland and coastal beaches making for a variety of native animals. One of the most popular is the colony of little penguins, who nest in the coastal grassy areas right off the beach strip. Visitors are able to see these adorable creatures waddling up to shore after a day of fishing in the ocean, slowly making their way up to their nests to settle down for the night. Simply head to the Penguin Interpretative Centre and here more information about the creatures, before you park yourself at the viewing platform to witness this incredible display of nature. For other animals, head to the beautiful Baudin Conservation Park, home to a huge number of native animal species. Simply walk through and keep an eye out for the mammals, reptiles, and birdlife roaming about the region!

  • Learn more about the Island

    Learn a bit more about the island you are sightseeing around when you head to the Gateway Information Centre. The centre showcasing past stories of the island, both on how it developed as well as the human history attached. As well as showcasing the spot highlights you can see on this natural landscape, such as the best natural wonders and wildlife spots to visit!

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