The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s most beloved natural wonderlands: a seemingly endless expanse of towering waterfalls, surreal rock formations, wondrous vistas and lush forest trails!

Visit Blue Mountains

Any visit to the Blue Mountains is replete with joyous adventure, be it gazing at the majestic Three Sisters, marvelling at the expanse at Scenic World or picnicking at the tranquil Lyrebird Dell.

You can spend anywhere from a day to a weekend and beyond enjoying this stunning natural region, it all depends on whether you want to take it all in one, joyous day, or would you like to chill out, take in the trails and see things in your own time?

Either way, the Blue Mountains offer a wealth of unforgettable experiences, let’s take a look at some of them below…

The spectacular heights of Scenic World

As much a family-friend fun park as it is a thrill seeker’s dreamworld, Scenic World provides panoramic mountain views from the blood-pumping excitement of various rides. To begin with, strap yourself in on the famous Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway, as it traverses down the mountainside and into the lush valley below.

Next, get your thrills on the nerve-twisting Scenic Skyway, a cable car ride between two clifftops at a “meagre” height of 270 metres. Oh, did we mention it has an optional glass-bottom floor? How’s that for adrenaline-pumping?

Marvel at the Three Sisters & learn Indigenous folklore

The Three Sisters hold a very special place in Australian folklore. A central tale of the Dreaming Stories, this giant series of rock formations is said to be three sisters of the Katoomba people cast in stone to avoid kidnapping by men of the rival Nepean tribe. The harrowing lore only adds a magical element to gazing upon these astounding rock formations from the adjacent Echo Point.

Gaze upon the massive Katoomba Falls

What makes Katoomba Falls so special, apart from its towering height, is the wondrous array of colours stemming from the adjoining rock formations and lush treescapes. One of the world’s truly beautiful waterfalls, Katoomba Falls towers above the gorgeous mountain scenery, making it one of the ultimate places to marvel upon in the Blue Mountains.

Sit back, relax & enjoy a tranquil picnic

The Blue Mountains is a picnic-lover’s paradise, with plenty of options for enjoying a natural feast amongst the trees and falls. Lyrebird Dell and Leura Cascades are the picks of the bunch, though Sublime Point Lookout and Gordon Falls Reserve also have their own charm and wonder.

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