Adelaide has recently become a top spot for Aussie travel, with beautiful architecture, lush gardens, stunning spots outside of town and a roving events calendar to top the world’s greatest party cities!

Visit Adelaide

Whether you’re seeing a bizarre show at the Adelaide Fringe, meandering along the River Torrens or heading out to the quaint Adelaide Hills, there is so much to do in this town that it’s no surprise it has taken off as a favourite travel destination.

You could easily spend three days in Adelaide, taking in all its buzzing small town-but-big city atmosphere, or you could spend a week there, taking day trips out to the marvellous Barossa as well as the Adelaide Hills.

But, for the sake of a three-day sojourn, let’s take a look at some of the joyous activities that await you in the City of Churches…

Grab tickets to one of the world’s best festivals

Both the Adelaide Fringe and WOMADelaide are respectfully designated as two of the world’s great festivals, with revellers from across Oz and the world eager to snap up tickets to either one of these glittering events.

What makes them special is what sets them apart from one another: the Fringe is billed as “the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere”, with some 6,000 artists performing in around 1,200 shows annually, whilst WOMADelaide sets the stage for a music and dance extravaganza, attracting thousands of people a day who are keen for some good tunes and a bit of a boogie!

Wander around town

Adelaide truly is a gorgeous little town and has proudly kept a lot of its ornate charm without being engulfed by modern townhouses and skyrises. Therefore, a walk around Adelaide can easily make you think you are in a much smaller town.

Simply stroll along the River Torrens and through Elders Park, stopping for a coffee and scroll along the way…

Head to the Hills

The Adelaide Hills are located just a short drive from the city centre and are the perfect place to escape the buzz of town. All you have to do is spend a day in Hahndorf, Australia’s quintessential German heritage town, and you will understand the charm and uniqueness of the Hills.

Pick berries at the Beerenberg Farm, feed animals at the Hahndorf Farm Barn and enjoy a stein at one of the local German restaurants – it all makes for an uber good time!

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