Tasmania, Australia’s lush rugged wilderness, is an island of pristine nature, sumptuous local cuisine and fascinating history.

It’s a place where laid back conviviality meets a vibrant cultural scene, where you can spend the morning eating scallop pies in the market before an afternoon trekking some of Australia’s great national parks!

To put it simply, Tasmania is unforgettable, but how much does it cost to visit this southern dreamworld?

Like any trip, it all depends on how long you want to stay and how much you are willing to pay for experiences. However, estimates indicate that a seven-day venture around the Apple Isle will set you back a cheeky $2,000, where couples can expect to pay a little less than $4,000.

Of course, it’s impossible to say how much your trip will cost – you will find that out more as you budget, taking into account things like:

Where do you want to stay?

Tasmania, being a tourist-friendly state, has accommodation ranging from campgrounds and hostels through to luxury hotels and resorts, with a rather hefty difference in nightly rates;

How far do you plan to go?

Are you looking to hang around the east coast, taking in Hobart, Port Arthur and Wineglass Bay? Or, do you want to take the legendary Lap of Tasmania road trip? The further you travel, the more you are likely to spend, so your experiences must be taken into account, too;

Where do you want to eat?

Tassie is a world gastronomical hotspot, revered for its juicy seafood, meat pies, sweets, whisky, the list goes on… You can experience these culinary delights standing out the front of a local bakery or in one of the state’s many fine dining experiences, and if you decide to try the latter you will definitely want to factor it into your budget and;

What do you want to experience?

Tasmania is also a land of fun, with plenty of adventure, arts, culture and history to keep you a little too occupied for the duration of your stay. From the world infamous MONA art gallery to Port Arthur’s ghost and historical tours, through to whisky tours and guided hikes, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding what to do on this awesome island – just be sure to factor those choices in, too…

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