Victoria is a true nature-frother’s state, with ancient geological structures dotting the landscape from east to west!

Yes, whichever part of Victoria you find yourself in you are never too far from something nature-made and utterly spectacular.

So, what are these natural features that make Victoria so desirable for hikers, nature-lovers, daytrippers and basically anyone who just wants to see something really cool?

Let’s take a look below:

Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park isn’t one distinct natural feature but instead a series of incredible landmarks! The national park is replete with stunning structures that make it a smorgasbord of fascinating spots, each located a hop, step and and a jump from one another.

First, there’s the famous 12 Apostles, a series of limestone stacks jumping out of the raging Bass Strait below. Next, there’s the Loch Ard Gorge, a picture-perfect inlet that lures you in and beckons you to stay a while, taking in all its charm and majesty.

Finish it off with checking out the Grotto and London Arch and you can see why Port Campbell National Park is one of Australia’s favourites!

Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock lives somewhat in infamy for the awesome yet super creepy Picnic at Hanging Rock that takes place in and around the formation, but the story shouldn’t stop you from visiting!

After all, the story is completely made up, and Hanging Rock is a truly beautiful place that has existed for some six million years. The remarkable geological formation truly encapsulates the rugged earth that is synonymous with central Victoria, and the surrounding fields also make for the perfect concert spot…

Pink lakes

Who doesn’t love a good pink lake? You may have thought these red algae-laden water holes were only found in South Australia, when in fact northwest Victoria is home to a whole bunch of ‘em!

Lake Becking, Lake Crosby, Lake Hardy and Lake Kenyon are all super pretty in pink, making for an astounding series of lakes that are totally worth the detour if you find yourself out that way.

Buchan Caves

Because eastern Vic is also home to some pretty spectacular natural features, one of such being the legendary Buchan Caves, with glittering stalagmites and stalactites magically lining the ceiling as well as reflective calcite-rimmed pools.

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