Hop off the Ferry and step into the wonderland that is Kangaroo Island.

Teeming with lush bushland, unique animals, and natural wonders, it is no wonder this island is one of the top travel destinations in South Australia. But where should you start? Take a look at out our top travel spots to see by listing our favourite stops at Kangaroo Island that are well worth the visit.

  • Seal Bay

    One of the most popular tourist spots is Seal Bay; home to the largest collection of Australian Sea Lions in the entire world. There are over 500 sea lions roaming the area, either frolicking in the ocean, lounging about in the sand and rocks, or looking after their young. What’s great about this attraction is that there are no barriers for either animal or human. Letting you walk along the beach and stroll right past these animals as they snooze in the sun.

  • Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

    If Seal Bay still hasn’t satisfied your animal curiosity, take an afternoon to visit the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It spans 5,000 acres, with over 200 different species of Australian natives. It is known as an immensely bio-diverse and well-maintained ecosystem, helping tourists see these animals in a safe environment in their natural habitat.

  • Remarkable Rocks

    One of the best natural wonders on the Island, the Remarkable Rocks are defiantly worth the visit. They are large granite rocks scattering along the cliff coast, ranging in shape and size. These structures were made by the granite embedding into the crust of the earth through the Ordovician period. Estimating the rocks in being roughly 500 million years old! Seeing these formations in person is astonishing as pictures do not do these boulders justice.

  • Vivonne Bay Bistro

    The island is covered in natural attractions, but not as many food choices. Vivonne Bay is a great spot to refuel as it offers incredible food and views all in one go. Overlook the picturesque ocean as you grab a bite to eat at Vivonne Bay Bistro.

  • Pennington Bay

    For a sun and surf day, no beach is better than Kangaroo Island’s Pennington Bay. Sapphire waters rhythmically crashing on the smooth white sand, the beach is a peaceful paradise away from the crowds. Surfing and Fishing are the most popular activities, but if neither of these things tempts you, you can enjoy sightseeing the breathtaking stretch of coastline.

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